What is the best backlink software for youtube videos

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Hi warriors.
Anyone can tell me about the best backlink software for ranking youtube videos ?
Please share us your experience in this area.

Ps: Before it i am created new thread. But it deleted by the unknown reason:confused:.
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    Can you write a bit more - are you intending to optimise a lot of videos for a long term project, or is it only 1 or few videos.

    If you optimise the video with good titles, keywords, SEO optimised description and
    backlinks from other videos (other videos which you did not put a lot of time to create - like those created as a slideshow etc )

    This may be a better way to optimise instead of trying any software. Since a software needs learning curve, also takes other resources which take up your time. Most of the times I;ve seen people buying software but being too lazy to learn about it & use it since the software is not a simple push button it needs a lot of steps to be done.

    But for youtube instead of using the software if you do the maximum optimisation with proper keyword research & Title,Tags,Description & few quality blog backlinks - that is more than enough in sometimes

    Try to find decent keywords with low competition - keyword research is the foundation than all other tasks which follow
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    Personally, if your looking to rank youtube video in the SERPS why not buy backlinks on fiverr with social bookmarking? It's quick and fast. Most of these softwares are poor. I've tried many and most don't work for me... When I buy backlinks from fiverr 90% of my videos rank...?
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    yes go buy some high pr blog commenting and video views gigs I have ranked a video easily using that
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    Why you do not try to make your video sharable in social network. Facebook/Twitter, make your video go viral. The result is better than just seo.

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    Step 1 is to get all your video set up right:

    On page optimization and off page too.

    Still not ranking, then there are a few good Fiverr sellers. I'd go with social bookmarking.

    spa3212 is a good seller.

    Discover the only A-Z of Video Marketing and for your content, check this out: Premium Video and Full PLR Packs - Free $4,961 case study

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    Thanks guys for really helpful the advices.
    Anyone used the GSA search engine ranker for the ranking youtube videos ?
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    simple way to get good ranking your video just increas your visitors with social bookmarking and social media.
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      I tried to do it with GSA, basically just blasting lots and lots of different links at the youtube video. It works, but pretty slow.
      The beauty of GSA is that you don't have to think much once you set it.
      On the other hand, if you wanna rank for some competitive words, you'll need some quality links as well (high PR). And some decent social sygnals.
      Good luck!
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    Its always better to do manual link building activity for your video. Valuable content is worthfull to get rank.
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