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by thir25
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Does anyone know anything about Mark Ling's affiliate course,

I have been taking a look at it and seems very good.

Before I spent $197, I would like the WF members feedback on this.

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    OK WF members.

    I need some advice from the forum. I'm looking at the Affiloblueprint
    program. I really don't want to get it yet until I get some feed back
    from the WF one way or the other.

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      Well, I haven't looked through the latest editions but Affiloblueprint was the very first thing we bought way back in 2009.
      Didn't end up sticking with the sites we built back then, because we were newbies and made some horrendous mistakes :rolleyes:

      That said I never regret buying it, was a great intro to IM and helped us avoid the whole BSO thing (until I discovered the WF!)

      The forum is fantastic, really supportive and helpful, some of the people who were giving us advice back then have gone on to be "names" now.
      If you stick with it you really will get a lot out of it and make it worthwhile.
      If you only want to dabble then save your money, get a free Affilorama account instead
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    Thanks for your feedback.
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    Try Big Commisons Blueprint for under 10 dollars.Lots of value for the price.
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        Originally Posted by Shopan View Post

        As a Long Time Member I have to say it is a Great Program...Step by step an active forum with questions answered quickley....
        Just wish I could get though it....
        Take a look at the Free section...and see...It really is Honestly "baby Steps" through the mindfield... :p
        Might want to remove your affiliate link before it gets stripped by mods or you get banned...

        Affiloblueprint is very good for beginners and i was with them for their 2.0 but their 3.0 just wasn't up to par as far as link building goes.

        2.0 was slightly outdated with their link building and the 3.0 was what 2.0 should have been. I can only imagine that 4.0 or whatever is likely what 3.0 should have been. That was the only real module i wasn't impressed with. But with SEO related traffic and rankings, that's sort of a big deal.

        You might try affilojetpack and learn to build a list though.

        SEO is good but i think building a list is far less stressful. When i transitioned from SEO to email marketing and list building it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I can't tell you how much easier things are now.

        But hey, some people like SEO and think it's easy as pie. Pie to me is actually sort of hard to make, so that analogy is horrible lol But you get the idea

        If you really really want, try it out and I'm pretty sure there's still a 60 money back guarantee to fall back on if need be.
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    I have not looked the latest editions. But a year back i have learned some thing substantial from it and made some real bucks ! It is not a bad decision at all to for it ! They will never disappoint.
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      Check out the Online Business Insiders forum as well. Tons of good, recent, working info from a gamut of experts, including the fantastic Erica Stone. If you want to try it, dig around until you find the $16/mo. offer.
      Think loose; write tight.
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    yes it's very good, i bought it about a year ago for 197.00 and it was well worth it. It really help me with my SEO tactics and I made some money from it as well.. But it is all about affiliate marketing, and you know big G really don't like us to say the least.. I am currently going through it again in my spare time and every time I go through it, I learn something new.
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    I got Affiloblueprint free along with AffiloJetpack and it's a solid course. I haven't gone through the latest version though so what the comment about traffic methods being not quite up to date may be valid.
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