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I would like to convert mp4 videos into other formats to compress the size, such as mpg (suitable for youtube)

Ive found online converters to be so slow and I know many free software contain malware.

Are their any good free programs that you recommend? Thanks
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    Hey Ernie

    I use Replay Converter: Video and Audio File Converter and LOVE its $10 i think, and malware, etc free

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    You can use AVS Video Converter,its the best out there but I think it will cost you 35 $ that's steep. You can use MPEG Streamclip its free but reviews say that its a good software . Those are your choices. If its free it doesn't necessarily mean that it has malware.
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    Hi Ernie,

    I've tried and tested 7-8 or more video converters and AnyVideoConverter is the best by far, and it's free with no BS.

    However, I doubt you'll be able to find a file format that is smaller than MP4, plus Youtube accepts MP4 so there's really no need to change file formats to upload videos to Youtube. I suggest you just use MP4 for YT. It's my file format of choice.
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      Freemake Video Converter is good and it is free. This software downloads on to your computer where you can convert video files to other formats which includes converting videos to dvd discs.
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      Originally Posted by Kurt View Post

      Hi Ernie,

      I've tried and tested 7-8 or more video converters and AnyVideoConverter is the best by far, and it's free with no BS.
      I agree with Kurt. I've tried numerous converters and AVC is by far the best!

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    I am using Freemake Video Converter and very happy with it.
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    HandBrake works well for me.

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    Another thumbs up for Handbrake.

    I used to use AnyVideoConverter, but prefer Handbrake, seems to run a little faster on my computers. Both will get the job done, though.
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    AppGeeker video converter should do this too if you want to go the conversion method, it converts just everything to everything.
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    I know some free ones: freemake video converter, Handbrake and Format Factory.
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    Yes, I am another voter for Handbrake and Freemake Video Converter. These two freeware works really nice. I also use another nice video converter to convert DRMed Videos for enjoying freely.
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    I am using MPEG Streamclip player. It is a powerful video player, editor, and conversion tool for Mac and Windows. It's great at transcoding, but it's also a great organizational tool for all of your video and media. If you opt to use it as a player, you can play all manner of video files through it, but from a video transcoding and conversion perspective, it's fast, flexible, and completely free..
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