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I need to keep my PC running sweetly as possible because I use it 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. I am finding that the standard system tools are not sufficient, and was wondering if there was a third party product you guys could recommend to me. I've been thinking about a registry cleaner, but perhaps there are more comprehensive products that offer a greater range of features.

Feel free to recommend
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    Anyone care to help?
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    Hi AffilateRG..what OS are you running on your PC? if windows 8 then the standard Windows Defendor should be sufficient..I use my laptop daily and have no problems..

    If that's no help then a google search of your requirements should give some results where you can choose what you want for your PC.

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    You can use CCleaner. It provide me very service. I am using it for a long time.
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    Thanks guys. I have actually been using CCleaner for sometime now and it seems to be very good. I also started using MalwareBytes Free, along with Disk Cleaner and I ran the sfc /scanow command which fixed some corrupt system files (apparently). All of this has seemed to help improve my PC performance which was really slow several weeks back. I hope this helps some fellow Warriors with slow systems!

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