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I have been told by a friend Affiliate Elite can help to gather affiliates' contacts.

Have anyone used this before? How you find it? How much do they charge (one time off or subscription basis)?

Here is the link (not affiliate link)
=> Affiliate Elite : Affiliate Marketing Software

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Quite a few threads about AE on the old forum. Here's the one with the most posts >The Warrior Forum. Do a search to see more.

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    Affiliate Elite is a must-have tool for affiliate marketers. Grab our FREE $200 Affiliate Elite Bonus to jumpstart your affiliate.

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      Vince, what's SpyVu like?

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      (By The Way ... It's Completely FREE!)
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        Its a very cool lil tools.. You can try the free version at SpyFu
        You can spy on keywords that your competitor is bidding on adwords and keyword that they rank on SE... I just need the one on adwords thou... kinda save a lot of my time in keyword research. Its like cheating from your neighbour papers when ur still in college or HS.. lol oh ok I never do that..

        I contacted clickbank directly and told them that the thankyou page is no longer in there.. so clickbank is the one who do the refund for me..
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          Hey Vince, that is very strange. Must have been a hiccup or something when you ordered, as our "thank you page" is up and working fine. I've not seen any tickets in the desk about anything related to this. If anything like that ever happens, you can pm me here and I'll be more than happy to help with whatever you need :-)

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            Hey john,

            I have affiliate elite, and to be honest if you're a serious affiliate, this tool can save you tons and tons of time-it will pay for itself many many times over.

            Yes, you can find affiliate details with it, you can also spy on keywords and campaigns and cpc's etc, but it's also excellent for checking out the clickbank marketplace.

            Clickbank's searching systems are pretty awful, but this makes it a lot faster and you can group things together by keywords and payment amounts etc.

            Yes, I could get by without it, but I'd get less work done and make less money.

            Hope that's useful

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