Is anyone using need-an-article service

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I am considering to join their member, but i am not so sure the how is the article that i am going to get.
1) Are the article that their provide is original.
2) Do we need to pay extra charge to get the article.

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    I subscribed to Need-An-Article for over a year now, and have over a 100 articles written by different writers there. They are OK, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

    You will pay a $9.95 monthly charge through PayPal. After that you can buy as many articles you want through PayPal or credit card.

    You can buy new articles or rewritten articles for Unique Article Wizard to be written by one of their writers they have on staff. These articles are usually done within a couple of days. A 500 word article costs about $5.52 USD. You can get up to a 1000 word article for $12.50, a press release for about $16.50.

    The quality of the writing varies, depending on the writer. You can also rate the writer and communicate with them, if you need to. The writing should be all new material and not copied. I believe that Need-an-article has some checkpoints in place to prevent problems.

    When I receive the completed articles, I proofread them again, maybe add some keywords, and add some more sentences to complete the article. Also, sometimes I delete or rewrite complete paragraphs to make the content very unique.

    Hope this helps!
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      Hi, reader.
      Thanks for your info.
      Really appreciate it.
      Thanks again.
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        I too had been using their service for quite sometimes now and found it to be satisfactory. Although I make certain changes myself to their given content and also in the keywords for more better writeup and a more finished work but thats ok as far as all the work is involved.
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    I've been a member with need an article for over a year now. I think it's an excellent service, the writing is high quality from my experience, and the prices are about the cheapest around.

    I've never had any issues with the service or writers. Articles usually take a couple days but nothing unreasonable from my experience. I definitely recommend them especially if you do a lot of articles.
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    There are plenty of people on here that write articles, including me. I am sure you can find some help right here.
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      Originally Posted by Kim Davis View Post

      There are plenty of people on here that write articles, including me. I am sure you can find some help right here.
      Do we have to provide any information to the writer.
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    Having tried so many services, need an article really disappointed me the first time I tried it. The writer couldn't even understand basic requirements from me. I guess I was unlucky but anyhow bad experience...
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        At Need-an-Article you can complain if the writing is not up to standard or if the writer is taking more than several days to complete the article. Support at Need-an-Article generally will find another writer, usually they are much better than the original writer assigned to write the article. Sometimes the support will go ahead and assign another writer without me contacting them if the writer is sick or can't complete the article, which is good.

        Also, I noticed when I quit Need-an-Article for a few months' break and rejoined later--my past articles already written were still in my account, which surprised me. I don't know if this still happens, but it was a pleasant surprise that my past activity at Need-an-Article was still there.
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