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Has anyone had a problem getting support from the creators of Gorilla Content or FB Gorilla. I purchased both products, can not make either one work and have been trying to get support for weeks now. Are these people real? Anyone has good or bad experiences in getting support from them?
I want to buy the new product which looks like it does everything the previous products did and more but the interfaces look like just an expansion of previous products and in my experience they do not work so putting more money into these products does not seem to be prudent.
Your thoughts/experiences will be appreciated.
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    There is an active WF thread on FB Gorilla here:


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    Hello ledoworks

    I have also bought Gorilla Evolution in the last couple of days only to find t hat it doent work
    and so far the support is none existant both in email support and via there FB Group
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      Another thread is featuring Gorilla Evolution, but I thought I would just post here instead of doing what seems like a bombing run on that affiliate's efforts. He had presented a sample Facebook demo page link of what Gorilla Evolution can do.

      I hardly use Facebook at all -- it's just a social connection, and infrequent at that. I've family members of one degree or another who seem to live there, but I rarely visit.

      This definitely isn't something I'd use.

      I'd have been interested in seeing how it fleshed out a blog, perhaps. But I've got Utility Poster and its supposed upgrade called Curation Soft; and long ago, I foolishly bought into the enormously expensive WP Mage.

      I've got ICC Pro, too, but don't find it especially impressive.

      The .gifs might be a nice feature, and possibly the games (I rarely play games myself, apart from Free Cell); and I suppose it might potentially be helpful to have an affiliate account with Expedia and the NY Times...but I have failed to make much incidental income on my blogs with the long hours and effort I've put into them.

      I've never gotten a payment from Amazon in over five years of trying, and only once in that time did I meet the $100 threshold for an AdSense payment. My best arrangement was with a hotel booking website called -- they've been loyally paying me something like $16 a month since I got involved with them half a year ago.

      Content curation may be working for some folks, but I cannot afford to experiment further with shiny, dangly things like this product.

      It's going to quadruple or more from its current $29 price? Dream on -- only the uninitiated IMers will be buying.

      But what do I know? I'm no success, clearly.
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        @siam First of all, when starting out promoting something try to focus on your passion first. Second, think about your content first when looking for ways to get targeted traffic. The rest should be in your effort (research, productivity etc) and creativity (Think outside the box, application of tools and knowledge and usage of available tools).

        When stumbling upon dissapointment time after time, it's a solution to drop everything and start over simple. I see a lot of guys taking on more than one website at a time, ending up with many unifinished, uncontrollable projects. In fact it's how i started out and you must give up all your free time, if you want to take it on big from the start.
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