lisa diane maximum money maker program m3 pilot program?

by tkubik
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Hi i was wondering if any body out there has bought
mrs lisa diane m3 pilot maximum money maker program
im3 pilot program ???
She is only allowing 75 members in her program
it cost 997 it like a step by step blue print of her 15
years of success...

I've been on her list for a while and i hear really good things
about her.. IS she is a a good teacher and has made a lot
of people successful ..


I would like to here your thought about this program
or if you have worked with her staff or been to
one of there seminars down in Tampa fl
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    do you have a link for it??

    I'm On Google + ------------- and of course Also On Twitter

    "The only thing thats keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can't have it"- Tony Robbins

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    Just be careful ... be warned .... watch for the "refund" clause if not
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    I just followed an email referral to another L. Diane product (training): Warp Speed Wealth. Audio sales message only, no sales letter with any detail. I couldn't stand to listen to more than a couple minutes, and checked the Buy Now button just out of curiosity. $497, and the terms of service include an "I agree not to attempt to get a refund" clause. So I'm supposed to have 5 C-notes lying around to spend with no recourse if the mysterious training is no good? Sheesh! Not sure why I even looked at the site, considering we get to meet teachers the caliber of Geoff Shaw and Kevin Riley by visiting this forum.
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      She is only allowing 75 members in her program
      it cost 997 it like a step by step blue print of her 15
      years of success...???

      I bought a product from her a few years ago, for an extra fee she sold the resell rights where you got to keep the entire sale of $1,000 it was going to be an internet version of one of her best selling products, sounded like a good deal to me and I was really interested in the resell aspect, 1k a pop was pretty tempting, so I bit. Got the physical product and waited....and waited, and waited............................................ .............and waited, for the online version to be released, for OVER 1 YEAR. Finally she told everyone the online version would not be produced until they sold out all her physical version so the product. Something she DID NOT say when she sold it or I would have never bit....sold the physical product on ebay. She also has a very SNEAKY refund policy, does not give you full access to some areas until the refund period has passed?????

      I would find somewhere else to spend my money................Definitely a THUMBS DOWN

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        She's now doing Warp Speed Wealth. No Refund? Please. The bells need to go off in your head. She will not give a refund. You need to go to your credit card company and say you did not get the product as promised. She has her son on one of the videos, they are on a back porch somewhere and he produces a "math wizard" drawing of the Resorts 360 funding formula. Please , please please. You really need to have a look at this as an example....
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          Oh and she has someone called Bonnie Hazlett working with her.
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    Do a search for her name in the Warrior Forum. Use quotations, such as "Lisa Diane".

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