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Has anyone tried Instant Video Sites by Abid Shaikh?

After reading the sales page (.biz) it looked appealing.

However I've read some less than complimentary comments about Abid S.
(who maybe is an entirely different person).
So, rather than possibly waste my time and money I would appreciate hearing from any others who have tried this script.

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    I haven't had much idea about this but I tried it and found it to be satisfactory. It seems to work fine and I also got some positive response from some of my friends who tried it and also got good results as such for all what they tried on for their maximum satisfaction.
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    Thanks Brian for your reply.

    You have encouraged me enough to give it a try.

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      Bought the S/W and upgrade for him to Host...
      Very good product, but bad communications from him. Never answers and site prob. with c-panel. India comm. is bad. Be careful!
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    Is this the $20 video site script? if so i bought one, and sets up fast....
    Not a bad deal for the money, I set up 3 sites with it so far,
    but I think I need to do some tweaking to make it more seo friendly....

    will keep you posted...


    PS - i looked the url, yes, it is the same one I bought...
    For $20 bucks, why not i said....
    I need to customize my sites with a different header banner,
    and maybe change some of the colors...
    other than that, Im happy with the product!
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      Hi howdab2,

      Can you update us on your Instant Video Sites. I am interested in buying it from Abid Shaikh and was wondering what you think about it now.


      Please read the Forum Rules - Affilite links are NOT permitted.

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    Thank you howdab2 and anion for your input.

    I've not yet put up a site but was thinking of taking a theme and putting up a number of sites in different folders on the one url. For example,
    etc, etc.

    Abid assumes making 30 cents a day per site. I'd hope to have maybe 20 sites on the one domain which equals $6 a day. 20 domains = $120 a day!

    Is this too simplistic?

    Maybe anyone with experience will either 'burst my bubble' or stop me sleeping at night :-)

    Do you think this would work
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      How do you have 20 sites on one domain name? Do you mean 1 site with 20 different pages?? I am thinking about trying this product. It seems like it might just be worth it.
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        I came across this recently via a link from another marketer and I'm very interested in acquiring this, but when I tried to purchase it (still @ $20) Paypal said that the merchant (Adid) was unable to receive payments. Does anyone know:

        1. If Abid is some kind of "fly-by-nighter"?
        2. Has been banned/suspended by Paypal?
        3. If the product is available for sale elsewhere?
        4. If the product from Jonathan Teng & Calvin Woon "Instant Video Sites" is the exact same thing (or does exactly the same thing albeit for a slightly higher $27 and a different logo/logo/feel)?
        Grateful for any help you guys can provide.

        Best regards, Bob
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          No, never tried this.. Is it really worthy to be clicked :p
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            Is there a monthly hosting fee?
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    I also want to add some comments in the favor of Abid Sheikh that he has so many interesting videos in his site. So better for purchase and also better for use.
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      I tried to reach Abid several times with pre-sale questions. He never answered. It seems he has just vanished from cyber space.

      You said you put up one instant video site. May I see it please?

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