Anyone tried Chad Kimball's LinkedIn course?

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Chad has put out some great stuff on Google Maps marketing and his sales letter makes it sound like his LinkedIn course is just as groundbreaking.

But, I really don't want to risk getting banned. Secondarily, I don't want to waste time on hyped techniques.

So, have any of you warriors used the techniques he teaches in his course to get business leads?
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    I have a lot of experience with it!

    no seriously, here are some comments I just copy pasted from my gmail, hope this helps:

    I wanted to try out some of the things you were teaching today. Your training truly blew me away and I was thoroughly impressed. And that doesn't happen very often anymore. You really blew my mind with the quality of the information.
    Anthony Coyne
    PPS really dealing with a higher calibre of attendees. That guys comment on using FB ads blew me away because I didn't really understand the mechanics of it but could see the power of it.

    Hi Chad,

    I was having a hard time deciding if I wanted to get involved in marketing on LinkedIn, but I ended up buying your program based on how well your past courses on Youtube and Google places have done for me..

    In your advanced training today, I can see that you are providing some very powerful and excellent strategies

    Jeff Macher
    Hallandale Beach, FL

    It's not often I take the time to sit down and write out a testimonial, but I couldn't help but let you know how pleased I am with Linkedin Autoresponder. This Listbuilder Software stands head and shoulders above its competitors for the simple fact that there's no hype, no pressure and no hassle at all. I was able to use Linkedin Autoresponder easily right from the start, and your clear instructions helped me every step of the way. You've truly got a winner on your hands!
    Emilio Beppe
    248-429-5362 and

    Dear Chad !
    Thank you so much for your new software !
    I am the owner of many LinkedIn groups and have a lot of new
    LinkedIn members, who are asking me about connections with me in LinkedIn.
    It's take 40 -50 minutes of my time each day to chech contacts and make an approval for the connections inside LinkedIn.
    Now with your great software I have more time for more important business deal, because your software automatically make my job now!

    I am waiting your new software for LinkedIn, because I think LinkedIn automation is a powerful business weapon.

    Alexandr Migunov
    41/2 ap.406 Leninsky prospekt, Moscow, Russian Federation
    +7 926 714 9206
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    Thanks for good post about "Chad Kimball's LinkedIn course"

    What is Chad Kimball's LinkedIn course ? How can it help me ? Please give me a good information about it. I am also interested about this. Just now i want to know from everyone what is Chad Kimball's LinkedIn course ? And how can i start this ?
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    Chad, thanks for chiming in. I'm truly surprised there's not more chatter, here, about your course. There's o much junk sold and has lots of discussion, so I would have expected there to be at least a handful of people posting their positive experience. I expect it's good because of how good your Maps course was.

    But, I'm also a bit surprised at the testimonials you chose to share. Not one of them actually mentions results. They're just complements -- and general praise of your tool or your teaching style (and I do LOVE your teaching style).

    I was hoping to hear that people are getting new clients and building huge lists by using your course and tools. I was hoping to hear that people are getting great results without getting any warnings or bannings from LinkedIn (which is a big concern of mine).

    I still wish some warriors would step up, but if not, I'd love to see you post more testimonials that offer more concrete descriptions.


    Keith Price

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    let me see what I can dig up, those were just a few I had access to really easily in my email account
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    Yep I'd love to see more too.

    It is pricey but it seems like Chad has been in the game for a while.

    Will keep an eye on this thread
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    sorry about this, I completely forgot about this thread. I don't have a very good system for organizing testimonials, they're all over the place (FB, email threads, in my members area, etc...) then we do a mad rush to find them when I'm writing a sales letter!
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    Chad, we are waiting on reading about actual testimonials, I am sure by now you must have collected a lot, can you post a few please.
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        Originally Posted by ehaaranen View Post

        Hey Chad. I've heard awesome things about your software - even from one of your competitors - and I'm on the edge of getting it. Couldn't find any contact info for you anywhere so I'll try posting here.

        I'm primarily going to use this for lead gen for our service but I have other clients needing leads as well. Can I manage multiple accounts and target multiple niches using one instance of your software? I'm not very techie so can I do this without getting these accounts banned?

        I'm never on this site so if you can send me an answer at 705online at I'd appreciate it.

        Hey Eric sorry for not answering sooner, assuming I already answered all your questions on facebook, right?

        Re: getting banned on Linkedin, the easiest way is to send messages to people who aren't interested in what you have to say, if a small number of people click the "spam" button or "IDK" you can get into trouble quick. My course talks about what you can and can't get away with and how to stay under the radar with it.
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    That is such a weird link, its someone who signed up for a google account and called themselves "seo cash club.... " but it wasn't me. And it ranks in google for searches for seo cash club?? I may have to experiment with this LOL

    Anyway, I'm not sure what your question is exactly, can you reword it?
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