Does the EasyAzon Plugin Really Monetize Your International Traffic?

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Hey guys,

So I have a question: Is Easy Azon legit, especially when it comes to the promise of being able to monetize international traffic? I have a niche site that does okay Amazon sales wise, but I know it would do better if I could monetize some of the international traffic I am receiving. In fact, only about 35% of my visitors come from America, with an additional 20 percent coming from Canada and UK (combined).

So I think to myself, heck, if I could at least monetize the Canada and UK visitors, I'd at least have a shot at converting half the visitors who come to the site into sales. Not perfect, but better than 35%.

I hear EasyAzon allows you to do this. Can anyone speak on this--are they legit? Or is there some "catch?"

My biggest concern/question is in regards to Amazon themselves. I figure, if Amazon wanted you to have the ability to cash in on traffic outside of America, they would make it easy for you to do so, wouldn't they? So I wonder, does the Easy Azon plugin violate any Amazon policy?

I care far less about how the plugin can save you time and all that stuff--I really don't mind adding the links by hand. My biggest interest in it pertains to being able to convert visitors who live in Canada or the UK or elsewhere into potential Amazon sales, which I simply cannot do right now.

I'm esepcially curious, because I emailed them this question months ago and received no answer. Then, in Googling their website, Google suggested their site "might be hacked," so that set off another red flag (admittedly, the second one is not necessarily their fault if true, but it did leave me with more questions rather than answers about their product).

Thanks guys.
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    I picked up a copy of Easy Azon and does was it claims to do. you need to get Amazon API to work with it. His videos give you all the details. Good luck
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      Bit late response but this are my experiences

      Easyazon is legit. The probably have some kind of java/html or whatever on their site that Google does not fancy at the moment.

      The international part works as far as I can see. I do get commissions on amazon UK too for about a half year now. I can't see how many of my UK visitors get set through to amazon UK and how many still end on Amazon US.

      Commissions are way lower though. Don't know why, perhaps my nice or perhaps amazon is not loved that much in the UK. Also the UK store does not even have 1/4 of the items of Amazon US so UK visitors end on a overview page of the niche on amazon UK.
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