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by GlenH
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I'm fed up trying to get answers form Popup Domination support.

Anyone else have the same problems
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    I don't have the problem but thanks for the review. They were on my shortlist of opt-in addons to consider.

    I've been frustrated in the past with other services that are all hype and marketing but fail to support their customers once they get their payments. In some cases they win disputes because paypal has a rough time refunding a dispute when the digital product is functional
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    • YES!!

      Got everything setup in WP and the images on the popup are broken. They answered my support ticket by asking me to provide the login to my site, which I did. That was on 5/23 and have never heard back from them since. Opened more ticket - no response.

      I finally decided to try the static version and it previewed fine. But it also has broken images when I add the script to the pages.

      I'm done with them. Waste of money and time.
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    Originally Posted by GlenH View Post

    I'm fed up trying to get answers form Popup Domination support.

    Anyone else have the same problems
    Are you running PD on wordpress or an HTML site?
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    • I'm running mine on WP, but the static script can be added to individual pages/posts - it works, but the images are broken.
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        Their support is horrible.Been trying to weeks to upgrade from single license to developer. I hope we never have a technical problem becuse since they won't even respond when I'm trying to give them more money.

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        • ..... and what was the point of support responding to me the first time, asking for my login? Once received - almost a month ago - I never heard anything back. Thank goodness I changed the login after 24 hours.

          BTW -

          • Ninja Popup from Envato - instead of giving me a refund, they gave me credit so I could purchase another product from them. Only received the refund after I told them which government agency I was going to contact to file a complaint.
          • Hybrid Connect - over a week ago, support told me they were issuing my refund and to "be patient." I inquired about the refund at 8 days - no response. Only received the refund after I told them which government agency I was going to contact to file a complaint.
          • Pippity - support was happy to address my issues, but failed to get the exit intent working after 2 weeks. Finally asked for a refund.
          • OptinMonster - support was timely except when it came to resolving the exit intent issue. Didn't respond to my updated ticket; never got the exit working; finally refunded my purchase.
          So - it appears the many sellers on the 'net have decided it's their right not to respond to support issues and not to give refunds (even when their sales page says they do). Could it be due to PayPal's stand on digital products AND to customers not knowing their rights?

          If you want to know which government agency is getting me refunds, do your research and learn what new laws the government has put in place that you may not be aware of. They're now going after the small businesses; not just the "big boys."

          Search this forum on "popup domination" and read my other responses on the popups I have currently tried and the results.
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  • Updated my original post with info on popups
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  • I've been using Icegram for a few weeks now - awesome free plugin. Lots of upgrades to choose from (the exit functionality is an upgrade), but you only pay for what you need. Very affordable plugin that works AND their support team is very responsive. Highly recommended.

    Icegram - ultimate free WordPress plugin to capture leads and connect with your audience
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      I'm sick to death of plugins...

      I'm 'plugined out'

      But I found a good one. It's called 'Optin Designer'
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        for popup domination, you can get a refund through clickbank.

        I am considering getting popup domination, seems good.
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