How Good Is Backlink Skyrocket 2.0

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Lots of buzz about it. It is a SaaS backlink building solution. Cheapest option is $47/month.

Anyone tried it?

What do you think?

Is it worth getting?

Is anything else required (money-wise) for the $47/mo version?

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    I read that they launched a version of this back in 2012 but I can't find any reviews anywhere? Seems strange if it's been out for a few years and no reviews anywhere?

    Also Dan Lew doesn't have the best track record for support issues. I have a few of his previous keywords tools and google products and there is no support...

    I was interested in possibly the lifetime option since I like the cloud based aspect of creating link networks but the lack of reviews and the question of support makes me cautious about buying.

    I think trying the monthly option is good (low risk) although it will probably take a few months to see any real results.
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    Yeah...i know...his support is dead! I wont say what i really think about how he handles support...

    Anyways...i got 2 worries about this product:

    1. Support!
    2. Additional expenses.
    I've seen in demo videos that there are a huge number of sites where you have to register and have accounts in order to be able to post your links.
    I suppose this must be done manually or pay someone to do it. How much would it cost?

    Then what other limits/expenses are there?

    This is a product launched by an IM guy - or serial product maker. And these type of guys are knows to make it - sell it - move on!

    SO...maybe some good people have experience with the previous version or this new one!
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    I'm having the EXACT same experience as LocalBusinessSuccess. Can't use what I purchased, had one "24 hours" email despite numerous emails sent.

    His PR submitter from last year just stopped working and zero response to numerous emails.

    It looks like Dan Lew is up to his usually BS. Stay away from anything with his name on it.
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    Hi What is a SaaS backlink building solution ? Is it good for SEO ? Thanks.

    Originally Posted by IMDealBox View Post

    Lots of buzz about it. It is a SaaS backlink building solution. Cheapest option is $47/month.

    Anyone tried it?

    What do you think?

    Is it worth getting?

    Is anything else required (money-wise) for the $47/mo version?


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  • Profile picture of the author bsdang
    Hi What is a SaaS backlink building solution ? Is it good for SEO ? Thanks.

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    Saas = Software as a Service.
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    Any more recent reviews? MAO Flynn is promoting this now, along with a pretty hefty bonus package - has the product been finished/improved etc?

    Thanks -

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      I just bought it without reading opinions here, because Sean Donahoe which I trust, recommended it. He is an affiliate.
      But I cannot use it as the logins provided do not work. Support does not reply to my emails.

      I finally got a reply and my login got sorted out. I have been able to enter the membership area and I am starting to watch the training, now.
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    @Swady - We tried contacting you, your login info is on the link below, your username is your paypal email you purchased with and password: BLS2014

    It's a shame we are getting to the point of having to discuss these things over a forum when I am clearly available all over the net but yet people still want to talk down at me or my products on support. We have a fully integrated system setup with so don't know why nobody is getting support questions unanswered.

    Furthermore Backlink Skyrocket 2.0 unlike the original version which by the way we had nothing but happy customers with is an advanced product just like most of my products we run, so if you are a newbie please do not use it as we will only end up with debates like this. However if you do know how to use advanced software like ours then welcome aboard.

    Having said that we just like all our software run a series of updates so if you feel something has not worked or buggy on your end don't worry speak with us directly, you may have entered something incorrect, along side that updates to our software will be performed as normal. We have a dedicated team working on new updates as we speak.

    Additionally we stick by our refunds so if you are unhappy just reach out and we will organize that for you.

    Best Regards

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    I've always said, stick with software that's proven and have a solid SEO strategy because without this, no software will help you.
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    Dan created product to make money
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    So "NO ONE" has bought and used this product at all? Is the Support really that bad? Ive run into this problem before with Sean Donahoe. Was a member of his inner circle for over 2 years, then my account was dropped for no reason and I was unable to reach him, or his help desk, EVER. I even had his personal Skype account and he never responded. I cancelled all my emails from him and his products also caused my WP sites to all get hacked. Not really here to bash Sean Donahoe, but if you dont support the people who have been spending hundreds of dollars to support you, then you really have issues. That goes for any product owner.
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    Gesh alot of you are upset. Are you basing your opinons on recent results or results from what sounds like a now debunk software.

    Are there any successes using this software from the 1000 people who have looked at this thread?

    People make mistakes, but are they willing to correct the ship. I dont like how NEGATIVE some of you are. Look the internet world is a fast moving and sometimes very distracting environment.

    The focus should be what are you doing and why are you doing it...and what do you need to get it done.

    Me, I am open to what other users have experienced as of TODAY. Not 2 years ago.

    Any Hoo Haw...Lets back off from the angry posting and try to be more tactile in your use of this forum. I think in the long run it will benefit us all.

    Also, Those of you who have had issues, have you tried PM ing Dan to see if he responds. I know we all get scammed and I have had my fair share of rip offs, but I have also found some things that greatly helped me as well. IT is all part of the experience, but no sense in coming on here and just ripping someone apart. Just doesn't add to the conversation. Is it not the object of the warrior forum to share in a way that benefits us all? Just slamming someone is not moving the issue forward,

    Did you use the software? What is it lacking? what do you like? What do you feel is misstated on the sales page that was different when you logged in? Can you be more specific?

    The Great Challenge...or the Great Distractions...Which one is winning

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      Just an FYI. As you may have noticed, I deleted my previous negative post thanks to some very positive interaction with Dan. When somebody makes an effort to make things right, it's important to note publicly that he has. I appreciated Dan personally reaching out to me and working through the issue I had with a fairly positive vibe to the whole thing. So, good luck to all and I hope the new software is all that it should be. - E
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        I don't post here often, but this time I had to chime in. I've bought a few of Dan's products and I agree some of it had good intentions but failed me in the end. I loved the original PR Submitter and bought the lifetime option that lasted less than a year. I liked it so much I purchased PRS2 two months ago. I had the 30 articles a month plan, but they don't tell you it might take a day to get approved and if not, there goes one of your articles for the month. You get one a day. Period. That was one challenge. Then it just stopped working. Submit an article, but zero distribution. While I submitted a nearly identical (spun with different keywords and title) article to sbwire that was distributed to over 4k services. I just got my $47 back for the last month. I will say this, They gave me my refund without any hassle or wait.
        Now I actually did purchase and own Backlink Skyrocket, lifetime option. Bought it 4 days ago. I'm disappointed in the sparse training but not surprised. I'm also about to submit a support ticket because I've submitted 6 projects in the last 2+ days and I cant see anything happening except a count down clock that has already reached zero under my account management tab for each account submitted. One of the reasons I bought the program was to create curated content automatically, and also as advertised, tier1 and tier 2 links. I bought the full program yet on my bls traffic system tab it says "Your plan allows for 0 projects" and to top it off the content curation doesn't work. It says something like "coming soon".
        I feel cheated right now. Lied too. How do you advertise features that don't work now? Advertise them as what they are..coming soon or never, I suspect. I haven't had ONE backlink built yet by this software. Still waiting. Why so long to at least build one? Its been over 48 hours in the system. Maybe its a sloooow drip feed. IDk?
        I also have article builder and I do like it but there's only so much you can do with it. They should have spin re-writer or another similar content option.

        I'm not 100% ready to return this. If it can do half of what they claim it will do that's enough for me. I'll give it a week or two, but I'm feeling good about using my PayPal account to buy it. If it doesn't deliver it will be returned asap, and I'll go back to trying to master Scrapebox, and fiverr.
        I will update everyone about my experience with this in a week or two. hopefully I'll be able to give it a much more positive review.
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    Thanks Stankx. I've been sitting here with my credit card out for the past 24 hours. I've found out all of the upsells and downsells; and was pretty much tempted by all of them.... Until now.

    As a learning point for all, I think with any software the sales page MUST demo the capabilities of it (What's there to hide ?). If they just show a video with Todd Gross 'saying his stuff' and 3 small 'unable to see' videos - with no sound (??) - apparently 'demoing' the product, then that should raise massive red flags.

    It's probably a great product but I've been burnt before with this kind of 'change the world software' that...... didn't.

    If the product owners show a good working demo of this software, then I might show an interest again.

    Yeah, there's a money-back guarantee - but who wants to waste 2 days learning about it and setting everything up, for not a lot to happen. Nobody's going to pay me for that loss of time.

    As keen as I was 24 hours ago to get this, I think I'll pass this time.
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      Glad I could help. Still nothing, nada, nathen built in the way of backlinks or accounts as far as I can tell. The countdown clock they have is at and has been at zero on all of my projects yet they all show the same amount of progress...none
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    I too have bought skyrocket.
    I have been manually adding both blog and social network accounts to post to my projects. The problem is when I add these accounts I am redirected to a 404 page not found. If I read my stats right I have 2 projects but no accounts .I will continue to add accounts and try to make sure my articlebuilder api is correct also. The instructions are very vaque so I hope a more detailed tutorial is on its way
    Hope this helps. The concept sounds great and articlebuilder is a treasure even though its not included in the plan(more money to spend but really worth it) So I will wait for a reply from support and hopefully get back to you with some positive results

    ralph e wilhelm-dude17111

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      Ok, something is happening. I've still got the 6 accounts going, but now 2 have some backlinks applied to them. Checked out some of the links and they are legit. I submitted a high pr link campaign that also has backlinks although they appear to be the same links that I've got from the bookmarking run. Keeping everyone posted. Crossing my fingers.
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    I have tried to contact support for for days without a response including pming Dan.. No response. I have opened a dispute with PayPal for a refund... See where that goes
    Not real happy so far.

    The Great Challenge...or the Great Distractions...Which one is winning

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    Just checked support for any updated answers to my questions and all of the tickets are gone.I only got the $47.00 a month level so will wait a little longer. As of now I still can't add any of my own social media or blog accounts to my projects

    ralph e wilhelm-dude17111

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      Got my $277 back without any static. Why I love PayPal. It seemed like it was starting to do something after having my links submitted over a week, at least for two of my accounts. It created 90 low quality backlinks and 30 for the other site, but none for the other 4. It looks like they have built their own (low pr) blog/posting network mixed with some obscure very low traffic sites. I can get a lot more for my $277 than that gave me. Learned my lesson about buying before getting good reviews.
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        Oh one other note. The sites that my backlinks were posted on had my other site's posting on it as well. Strangely one was posted to 2.0 social networks while the other (completely different niche) was on the blogger network, yet there they were almost on the same page with all the other people who bought this "software". Having experience with this seller, I wouldnt bet on it lasting more than a few months at best before its gone.
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    Well In good Faith, Dan did refund my purchase. It did take a dispute with paypal, but he responded and resolved it within 24 hours which is good.

    The Great Challenge...or the Great Distractions...Which one is winning

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    i thought google does not like these backlinking softwares and it will just hurt you overall? If this is not true how does it help, has any one seen good results from any of these programs?
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    any additional info about this, how google feels?
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