What is the best ebook on blogging?

by Dayne Dylan Banned
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I am interested in doing a personal blog on a subject I like, and I'm clueless as far as social bookmarking, trackbacks, all that stuff.

I'm looking for a really well written book on blogging that will explain all this. Sure I know its all online on all kinds of sites, but it would be nice to have one resource to get me going.

Anyone have suggestions?
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    you should probably look for a ebook on SEO, I loved this one and the methods mentioned there are really good.

    20 SEO secrets

    try googling it, it costs some money to buy it though, but it worth it..
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      social bookmarking is not about blogging per se, no book specific to blogging will cover that, if you are looking for a good overview of how different Internet technologies can work together try:

      The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott

      I tried to supply a link but this system will not let me, sorry
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    Go read Problogger. There you get everything you need to know about blogging. Now, he's not that into hardcore Internet marketing so you should mix what you get from him with what you get from traditional Internet marketing menthors.

    Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging - ProBlogger

    yes -no
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    I have one I wrote (free, no opt-in required) that's semi-satirical but has some good info mixed in that you can download here: Social Blogging Success.
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    I would recommend you JOHN Cow ebook. It's free of course and it's very helpful for newbies even for advanced users.
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    Yes, I agree that John Cow's ebook, Building a Business Not a Blog is a very good place to start for bloggers. And it is FREE!

    I would also recommend (highly) that you go through John Hongren's WSO blogging e-course. It is a 4-week beginners course that will get you making money with blogs in no time!

    I hope that helps.
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