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Hi there,

Just wondered if anyone has heard of this system? I get emails from Jay Antanello. Has anyone heard of him? I think he is the owner of the business.

Have looked through 18 pages of this forum and have seen other money machines and just wondered if this was a rehashed system of the Amazing Money Machine and one other machine. But not specifically the Easy Money Machine.

Have bought the first stage for $49 with Clicksure, but my order says $49 = CNY309.80. Can anyone tell me what that means please? Tried to submit a refund request but the page just keeps going round and round telling me that I need to click a reason from a drop down list. I do (there are only 2 fields to fill in) but to no avail.

Also tried to unsubscribe from the mailing list, but end up on an error page.

Also tried to cancel my membership at EMM, but there is no link on the site.

The download also didn't work for me.

Has anyone else had any experience with either the system or Jay Antanello?

I would really like some help.

Thank you for reading my post.
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    Update: A couple of days later, and yay! Have managed to unsubscribe, send them an email to cancel the subscription, and they are going to refund the money.

    Yay! Thanks EMM. Sorry it didn't work out for us.
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      There is NO legit "EASY MONEY" system that's ever been created (to my knowledge).

      The only "EASY MONEY" system that's ever been developed was developed by people who purport to offer you a system that would allow you to make "EASY MONEY"!
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