Warrior Forum Vs Wealth Affiliate Forum

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What's the differences in terms of knowledge base?
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    Do you have a link to that forum?
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Originally Posted by Dylantk View Post

    What's the differences in terms of knowledge base?
    If you're talking about the Wealthy Affiliate Forum, the Warrior Forum is a much broader knowledge base...


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      Originally Posted by Dean Shainin View Post

      If you're talking about the Wealthy Affiliate Forum, the Warrior Forum is a much broader knowledge base...

      Sometimes, to some people, that can be a problem

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    Don't you have to pay to get into the Wealthy Aff Forum?

    This forum is free of charge.

    Wealthy aff concentrates on the affiliate model.

    You'll discover great info on all sorts of online business models here.

    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      Originally Posted by Slyknight View Post

      My thoughts exactly. Warrior Forum is better by far.
      I've gotten a lot of great information from Warrior Forum. Never heard of Wealth Affiliate Forum before reading this thread.
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        IMHO I liked Wealthy Affiliate forums because of the fact that it's a group of people that HAVE succeeded and willing to help other people.

        As a member of wealthy affiliate I used their sources in order to train so therefore it was easier to communicate and help members within the network. The only bad thing about Wealthy Affiliate forum is the $40 per month that you have to pay.
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    Again, this belongs in the Internet Product Reviews forum.

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    As a former member there, I can tell you that the knowledge base at Wealthy Affiliate is pretty comprehensive. Plus they have self-paced tutorials on various areas that many people struggle with when they first start out with affiliate marketing (keyword research, finding good affiliate programs,etc.)...It's not a bad program if you're just starting out.

    However, the knowledge is much MUCH deeper on here. And that's just from information on the current Warrior Forum....You can find gems on the old Warrior Forum as well. If you know how to use the "SEARCH" button, you can tap some brilliant posts on here.

    As long as you don't bite off more than you can chew with the information, then this forum is all you really need.

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    As another former member of WA I'll echo Michael's statement, however I will add that at WA the signal-to-noise ratio is also much higher, and if you happen to be looking for the type of thing they specialize in there (article marketing and PPC leading to review-type landing pages with CB products) you'd probably get a lot more info in the same amount of time over there.

    The pay-for-entry system they have over there also means people are much more willing to share actual real information about their campaigns like niches, landing pages, keywords, etc and actual numbers than thy are on here.

    In short I'd say, if you want to interact with as many people as possible , tap into the most knowledge and keep abreast of as wide a spectrum of the IM world as you can, Warrior's is your choice no question, while if you just want to hunker down and focus on your own learning and on interacting with a few people who are also focused and serious about a narrower area, WA is then very cool.

    - Harry Behrens

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    In my view, Warrior is great, We can get fast/quality replies/help from here. That is one of the main reason why Warrior is rocking still. I heard that, we have to pay to join Wealth Affilitate forum and warrior is free to join. That is one of the another reason......:p
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      This is a great question that I've see asked here many times before, and as I've enjoyed both the Warrior forum and Wealthy Affiliate over the last few years, I feel I can offer a pretty honest opinion.

      Although both the WA forum and this forum have similar appeal, they are actually very different. Yes, it does cost $40 per month to become a member at WA, but that is not for access to the forum alone. WA offers a number of tools and resources within the community that help people get their online careers up and running with minimal cost...things like free hosting, website builder, keyword tools, Niche Q, and of course the tutorials. In short, the forum is just the tip of one big iceberg, and WA only really appeals to those that are pretty new to IM.

      Because of that, the forum is pretty much made up of "newbie chat" for want of a better phrase, and it certainly doesn't contain the advanced knowledge on offer here at the WF. In fact, most of us that have become successful at WA also feature pretty heavily here because we are at a higher level of knowledge and understanding. Here you can kind of pick your level...if you're new to IM you will find suitable information (as I did a few years ago), and if you're advanced you can mix with the more knowledgeable folk and work at expanding your business.

      So I'd say there's a marked difference between the two, and I strongly advise that no one join WA for the forum alone. It's very possible to become a full time marketer from the information on here alone, but WA has the same potential but in a different kind of way. I guess it's a case of whatever floats your boat.

      Hope this helps.
      Are you failing as an affiliate marketer? There is still hope!
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    In my opinion, both are good forums. Warrior is more advanced, discussing about internet marketing in general, like product creation, Adsense, SEO, CPA. If you are experienced, learning from Warrior forum might be an option. But for beginners, you could lost with no direction to go.

    While Wealthy Affiliate gives tight focus on affiliate marketing using article and PPC.
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    i am intrigued! so many defenders of WA forum here.

    marcus is in the house. David's in the house. ooops... kinda spot you peeps. so happy to see you guys hanging around here.

    Yeah! i love WA forum! I guess people there are genuine and more focused.

    WF is like having so many freeloaders but the good part is that you can find the best of marketers here. Many advance techniques in WF i believe.

    I hope WA will surpassed WF standards. Hey wher's Kyle and Carson, are they here to give support to their own wa forum?

    hahaha. Must be busy preparing for Wealthy Affiliate Platinum! Woohoo!

    Best membership site ever. Very genuine people. i wonder if ryan moran is here. OF course he is. wad a question.

    excuse me... =)
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