CB Chief.. Anyone seen this or heard of it?

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Hey all my friends in Warrior Forumlandville.

I got an email about a new type of software called CB Chief.
I don't know if anyone has heard of this but here's what it does.

It builds you a Clickbank review site/blog for about 100 cb products in any niche you choose. You plug in your keywords such as weight loss, dogs or whatever you choose, it then goes and scrapes Clickbank for all products in that category.

It then takes all the products and makes an individual post for each. It takes the headline and first paragraph from the product site and inserts it as the post with an image of the product page.

You simply enter your Clickbank ID and all the product posts with all 100 or so products will be linked to your CB account. Pretty simple I suppose.

This appears to be pretty awesome. Saves a lot of time. I want to try it out. I know a lot of people say not to do this auto built stuff but if you can get these products on a blog and ADD YOUR OWN touches, it seems that it would be a nice idea and a sweet way to get going with an affiliate site fast. I would build this type of blog and promote it massively through social sites and others platforms. I will check it out. Just wanted to see if anyone has used it yet. It's brand new.


Robert C.----->
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    I just purchased CB Profit Poster WP plugin that does the same kind of posting that CB Chief does. Its been running for 6 days now and Mr. Google has indexed it. You can PM me to see it. To early to evaluate it yet
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    So Devilfish168,

    Are you saying that this is not a good system?

    Robert C.


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