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Anyone purchased and used yet? I am about ready to pull the trigger on this one as it looks pretty decent for the price.

Or any suggestions for similar products with more track record?

Thanks -

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    So will the hype around this one - no one has bought it yet???
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    Hmmmm.... Yes I would like to know too... Anyone buy it and try it yet?
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    LOL - considering how many emails I have had from the 'big' peeps in IM - I am really shocked that no one has popped in with a review - especially since most of them are Warriors.....
    Our first "Digital Yard Sale"! A massive PLR Blowout Sale to help a friend pay medical expenses.
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    I worry about the footprints from doing something like this.

    One of my big sites just got "Googled" and I don't want to go through that again. I am just not sure where to go with seo these days. It has me a little gun shy.
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    Still no one has purchased and reviewed this?
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    pretty interesting, don't you think?
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      Originally Posted by Melody View Post

      pretty interesting, don't you think?

      It is! That's why I pass on this one.........
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    From what I hear the funnel if you purchase it all, is $140.00

    It is enticing, "hype? probably that and more"

    I purchased something like this a while back and it was very cool, worked decently then Google started penalizing sites that used it and over night the company went out of business.

    Not saying that here at all but the presentation leaves me with a lot of questions about how the system works and with "Far too many upgrades OTOs, I feel Gun shy on that business"

    Just tell me what it costs, I hate this pricing gambit, start out at 17, then add another 45 then 70 then 97 and you end up paying $140 and you dont even know if it works.
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    I agree. It looks rather enticing (and a clever take-away), but a little scary all at the same time.
    Maybe it's useful on second tier properties ??

    One of the testimonies is from Simon Greenhalgh.
    Believe he is ... 'linkwhizz' here on WF.
    Perhaps he can advise.

    LifeIsGood ~ It's About To Get Even Better!
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      Originally Posted by LifeIsGood View Post


      One of the testimonies is from Simon Greenhalgh.
      Believe he is ... 'linkwhizz' here on WF.
      Perhaps he can advise.

      LifeIsGood ~ It's About To Get Even Better!
      They are also friends and business partners so be careful, nothing bad about the guy, but i would like a review from a stranger than a business partner
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    Any update on this? Anyone using it?
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    Looks like version 2 of Social Link Machine is being released tomorrow. Any thoughts on this from those that have used it? Also, while they could be different this time around, what kind of OTOs did they offer the last time, as well as the pricing?

    Actually, it sounds like it was $140 total for the OTOs, so pretty hefty. Not sure if those are needed, though.
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    FWIW, I ended up picking this up, not sure when I'll get around to making use of it, but hopefully soon. But, as of now, the main offer is $27, the first OTO (extra traffic 2.0 properties and developer rights) is $37, and there is the SLM Network that is $17/month (making use of other SLM users accounts, I would imagine). Don't know how much longer the current pricing for the first two options is available, but that is where things stand at the moment.
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      Originally Posted by deardave View Post

      Great. Wish this would have been posted earlier. Well, may be a refund situation, although I rarely ask for one.
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        I bought the Pro version and the multisite license. I notice my plugins are not updating to the v2. Wonder if the developer is going to try to slip out of his promised "lifetime updates"?
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          All I know is that I purchased 6 months ago .....all 3 or 4 offers (OTO's), over $120 worth of software applications.

          I can't comment on how effective it is or isn't because I had it for a while and then when of the G updates hit, lots of talk about bad backlinks and I didn't want to take a chance..... got sick afterward and kind of forgot about it. I'm upset because if I wanted to use it, I would hope that I'm using the latest and greatest but with this new update, clearly I'm not. I need to purchase a whole new set of apps if I want the latest technology.

          I don' know if the salespage promised upgrades.... I thought Andy and Dr Max were straight shooters..... I thought wrong, I read someplace they were comparing themselves to Microsoft or Adobe. Big Mistake because they are nowhere close. If you buy either, usually you will get a free upgrade if its within a 6 month period. Dr. Max basically said you're a fool if you think you're gonna get free upgrades.

          They don't even give previous customers a special page to purchase from.... I still have to deal with those stupid timers and price increases....... just plain rude.

          Regarding the value of these types of links? I definitely would not use them on my money or authority sites, too easy to identify and get your site whacked. Its possible to use them on secondary sites, youtube and 3rd and 4th tier sites .....but any automated link like these can be identified at some point. .....Just my opinion, but I've lost too many sites from various backlinking schemes that were supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread..... So I would be careful and experiment a little.

          Now, it seems my purchase is worthless if I want the latest and greatest. I guess I need to reinvest if I want an upgraded version. I don't have a problem if this is stated at the start but this "new" product crap is just that "crap" BS or I could think of a few other choice words.

          I'm really pissed and feel like I've been taken advantage of. Now I'm supposed to invest another 100 bucks so I can have something that works...... no way.

          I can't even find out if the OTO's I purchased with the first version are compatable with version 2?

          Try clicking on the contact link in the bottom of the salespage...... nothing..... and I think that is the kind of support you're gonna get.

          Melody.... I've had some good experiences with Tony Hayes.... check out some of his stuff, he actually returns emails and has some interesting strategies ....not sure if he would agree with the type of links coming from Social Link Machine.

          FYI, I usually don't spend my time ripping on people..... I don't like people who do but this upgrade BS has got me fuming! If you purchase this new version I assum you should be prepared for another new version in 6 months that you'll HAVE TO PAY FOR and if you question'll get "what do you expect" type response, like you never purchased software before......I'm just disgusted, sorry for the rant.

          If found the below response..... they should put that on their salespage. Seriously, if that's what the deal is, that's what it is..... let us know up front not 6 months latter when the new version comes out.
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    Honestly, if your social accounts don't have engagement, this won't do anything for you. It's similar to Social ADR. I would say a much better idea would be CrowdForceX
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    The voice on the sales video -- is that Guerlmo Mata, or is it the OJ guy? (their voices sound similar to me)

    Anyone know?

    If it's the former, I'm not buying -- If it's the latter, I might buy.

    -- TW
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    One aspect -- some of the bonuses offered by some of the affiliates are actually WORTH
    the $30 the front end offer costs. Maybe buy for the bonuses, and throw the actual item away?

    -- TW
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    Got an email for this today. Weird that no one as purchased and used the software yet.

    Don't think that Google will penalize you for "lots of talk about bad backlinks" because it would then be too easy to clear the competition


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