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Hey everyone! I've been doing a crazy amount of research and I think I'm close to landing on a solution, but I'd love to hear some advice from people who have done this before.

I currently have a significant audience on YouTube and an active email list of many of them. I've only sold one product to them, a downloadable ebook, which did quite well. I sold it through my Wordpress site using Cart66 Cloud, which worked great.

However, now I'm planning to release a short training course each month that's about 45 minutes long total and split up among 6 or 7 lessons or so. Each course will be its own stand-alone product that I'd like to sell a la carte for a one-time fee, not as part of an on-going monthly membership fee.

Since Cart66 Cloud doesn't interact with the WordPress user database at all, I can't use it with the WPCourseware plugin and restrict access to the next lesson until the user passes the current lesson's quiz. Nor would the user be able to save their progress in the course if they stopped and came back to it later.

So I'm looking for a solution that does a couple things:
  • Let's me use my existing WordPress site and theme
  • Let's me sell ebook downloads with protected links
  • Let's me sell multiple courses for a one-time fee each
  • Let's users have a dashboard where they can access the courses they've "unlocked" on their account
  • Gives me the flexibility to start a monthly paid membership site in the future
  • Let's me continue to use my site primarily as a public blog
  • Doesn't require me to hack together a ton of different plugins
  • Supports DevAffiliate since I really don't want to have to ask my affiliates to change systems and update their links
  • Bonus: Let's users leave a star rating and a public review for each course.
  • Bonus: Let's users sample the course by taking the first lesson for free.

It seems like both MemberPress and MemberMouse could potentially work well for when I need, although I've seen a few people suggest Kajabi, too. (MemberPress doesn't publicly support iDevAffiliate, but I contacted them about it and they said they could help me make it work.)

Any advice you guys have for me would be great, especially in which tools to use to accomplish this. Thank you for your recommendations and suggestions!
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      Originally Posted by Jack Gordon View Post

      I know aMember Pro will do all of that really well.
      Thanks, Jack. I haven't looked into aMember yet. I'll do that right now.

      So many options!
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    There is a thread in this forum with a coupon code for aMember right now. A search should bring it up quickly.
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      Originally Posted by Jack Gordon View Post

      There is a thread in this forum with a coupon code for aMember right now. A search should bring it up quickly.
      Ahh, found it. Thanks!
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    Any other thoughts on MemberPress vs MemberMouse vs aMember Pro for what I want to do? Would really appreciate some input from people who have actually used these plugins and services. Thanks!
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    I've tried a few and DAP offers the most but is also technically challenging.

    I now use InstaMember. Its easy, has a couple of hours in terms of a learning curve and does a good job at pretty much everything.

    I'm using it for a couple of membership sites and also to automate delivery of purchased content like ebooks, membership site content, etc.
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    Originally Posted by rockinyp View Post

    Thanks for the links. I'll check them out.

    Based on your understanding of what I've outlined above, which would you personally recommend as the one that will do the best job for what I need?
    If your budget is under $100, you may choose Wishlist Member or Magic Members. The both membership plugins are integrated with iDevAffiliate and CourseWare.

    If you're generous for your budget you may consider using aMember Pro. I personally have been using aMember Pro on one of my websites, it works like a charm. But the cost is a little bit high when you compare with Wishlist Member / Magic Members.

    You may check out the aMember Pro review here.

    Good luck

    Learn How to Create A membership Website

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      Originally Posted by magnificent View Post

      If you're generous for your budget you may consider using aMember Pro.
      Thanks! I checked them out and their integration with WPCourseware doesn't seem to be that great, so I checked them off my list.

      I'm currently making a steady income off my ebook download, so paying a monthly fee for something like MemberMouse or even more is fine as long as it means I don't have to hack different systems together (like one plugin for delivering ebook downloads and another for membership stuff). I prefer to pay more for something that will come with decent support than something free or cheap.
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    Hi there ... I'm actually the creator of MemberPress. I'm not sure what platform you ultimately ended up going with but we actually have a pretty great integration with WPCourseware (we have numerous customers setup this way) and integrate with our own affiliate plugin, Affiliate Royale. Feel free to shoot me a note or just reply to this thread if you have any questions about MemberPress.
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