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by sonjay
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Good day!

I am thrilled with the concept that the Antvotinator -- a plugin-app which creates polls in Facebook -- promotes and supposedly can do.

I see the vendor / owner (Oz) as a good software creator and marketer. I am on his list because I trust his marketing strategies and how he tries to simplify things.

I have purchased the basic version of AntV, not the developer's one.

AntV claims that with it, given that you have every requirement in place, you may be able to create a poll, with customizations like choosing images, set up how voters' choices lead to specific pages, tracking, and others.

I have gone through the recommended set-up or installation. AntV needs ioncube loader and it is a good thing that I have an experience with this (from a bonus of another product package I purchased earlier). AntV also needs SSL installed in a domain, and I have also implemented this.

In my honest opinion, involving ioncube and SSL are not things that many beginners may be able to accomplish. But as I am aware I am farther away from being a beginner, as a marketer I want to be able to implement what I believe will add to or simplify my own methods. That is why I need to "just learn enough" so I can actually test my tweaks. (And because of that, I even received "recommendations" via Linkedin that I know Web Development, when in reality I only wanted to cover the aspects touching SEO.)

Now, my real concern is, the AntVotinator is not working, at least for me, aside from creating the polls and having them posted to Facebook. I also want the tracking, the voting limits, the customization of looks i.e. uploading images -- alas, I have not enjoyed these functions / features.

It has been more than a week already, and the support is good enough for me, being able to reply to my emails within 24- to 48-hour periods.

I am reaching out here publicly, in the hope that some other customers of AntV are able to use it with all the promised functions working properly. I do not really fancy requesting refunds, but as it stands I am inclined to this because that is the last resort when the promises are not met.

Thanks for your honest feedback..!

~ Jayson Guevarra
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    I see that nobody has answered your post. I just wanted to let you know I'm haviing the same issues with the plugin: it won't post to facebook, images won't show and support, though helpful at the beginning, now left me with a vague timeline for an update that is supposed to come out, but they didn't say when, nor can they say if the update will be a solution to the problem. Did you refund or are you still waiting for support to come up with something?



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      I'm having trouble also, and have had sporadic support - and as of this weekend, the plugin stopped working - any attempted activation returns this error - Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
      Fatal error: Your files are expired. Please contact AntVotinator support for renew of files. in Unknown on line 0

      More troubling is the fact that despite paying $77 for the OTO, we never got the 200 polls from the $77 upsell - I'm still waiting - and now I've been billed my first monthly fee, and there's no second pack of 200 polls either.

      Support has mentioned to a new plugin version coming "soon", and that "this months niche polls will be added "soon" also. It seems to me that we shouldn't have even been billed for the month if the monthly content isn't ready yet.

      I currently have a 24 hour unresolved ticket, and i'm losing faith. I don't want to get a refund, I want it to work as advertised. Interestingly, we can't even SEE the offer anymore because it's now closed - How To Quadruple Fanpage Engagement -
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    8 days later, I can that It's a good thing it's been pulled from sale, because the product clearly was never completed, and never should have been sold.

    We are essentially paying to be beta testers, but the support is absolutely horrible, and they often take 48 hours or more to respond, if they bother at all. I could not be more disappointed, yet I hold out hope that they will fix it, since there is a lot of potential.

    Even more troubling than the terrible support is the lack of communication with members / customers from Oz - There have been no explanations, no apologies, no member area messages or posts at all - Hell, they don't even bother to update the Member Area change log to show the correct live version number they have posted.

    so far, it's been nothing but a waste of time
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