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Just got an email about 1 Minute Sites. It seems something similar to Leadpages but I wasn't able to find any reviews online.

Has anyone used it? Is it good? Any feedback on their support?
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    I picked it up about a week ago, maybe a little more. It's solid. The creator has an area where you can submit feature requests and it seems like he does his best to bang out the features as soon as he can. He just rolled out a new "launch funnel' template a couple of days ago I think. It looks like he is gearing for a platform in the realm of Optimize Press 2.0 and maybe better eventually. I like that he has tracking and split-testing built in. I am really liking that tracking in particular. I would like to see the ability to change the header colors. That is the only thing I don't like, you are stuck with the text font of the headers and I need color change abilities on the buttons. I hope he gets to that next instead of all the other things.
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    I recommend reading through their feature and improvements area before investing to make sure it's a good fit. It can give you a better idea of issues/fixes.


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    Thanks for the feedback. One thing I was worried about was support but it looks like they have a pretty decent support. Leadpages has excellent support but 1 minute sites doesn't seem to be bad either.
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    i think there are better alternatives than 1 Minute Sites
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      Originally Posted by Vincentbre View Post

      i think there are better alternatives than 1 Minute Sites
      Can you please share the alternatives? I would be very interested in taking a look.
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    Not sure when it came out but Thrive Themes looks great and it's pretty reasonable. 1 minute sites is $300/year now.
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