Please, recommend a good budget hosting

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I'm still looking for a new home for about 5 WP sites that I need to host. Not a lot of traffic, but I would love for them to be faster than they are now. I'm on Hostgator, and it's not terrible (loading is fine, even if not the best, and the uptime has been 100% for the past 3 months), but something a little better with a possibility to implement CDN would be great, as my audience is evenly split between the UK and the US.

I tried WP Engine for a couple of months, and while they're slightly better than Hostgator, for the price they're asking, I thought it's not worth it.

I'm looking for something around $20-$60/month.

Anybody has any recommendations of hosts with whom you've been longer than 6 months? Please don't suggest anything where I would need to do more than manage my WP and cPanel (or the alternative). I don't have any knowledge of managing VPS or Dedicated servers and I am not about to learn how to do that since it's not my prerogative and I don't have time for that. Thanks guys, I appreciate any input and suggestions!
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    Prim in the uk and have used Godaddy for more than 8 years now and never had any issues or reason to complain. Godaddys Website Accelerator on its Web & Classic hosting Uses a CDN
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    *Im in the UK......
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    @copymyideas, thanks for the input but I've tried GoDaddy in the past, and that was the worst hosting provider I've ever dealt with in terms of everything.
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      For UK your best choice is Webhost UK they are reliable using their service from may years.

      You can even take a look at : Rshosting or Webhosting UK this companies also offer hosting in UK I have worked for my customers websites hosting with them for lot time I found their support user friendly and co-operative.

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      List of Quality Top 5 Web hosting Providers | Just to help you when you need them :)

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    You can get MDD Hosting or Liquiweb. They are good and I never experienced any problem with them. Just minor issues. but the uptime is mostly 99.9%
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    try dreamhost they have good reputation for providing reliable hosting services along with 24/7 customer support. also use coupon code(60DIS1Y) will save you $60 instantly.
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    Here you go starting at 3.99 a month for 250GB bandwidth and unlimited space. I have been with them for almost ten years and support answers within hours of submitting a ticket. I have unlimited domains for my account also. The best I have had!

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    I always recommend Site5, great hosting imo.
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