Global Domains Strikes Again

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Fellow warriors

Check this out about a couple months ago i decided on a couple new websites ..And they are damn good ideas at that...So i chose a few different domain names from gdi because of all the great stuff i hear about them and so that i would not have to worry about domains when it came down to uploading....Any ways the first problem i ran into was that gdi do not support sub domains for any reason including split testing your ad campaign...The next problem i ran into was that they also do not support most php scripts...Talking about down to the last minute..So i immediately called another company to host my several sites coming up in the next few weeks, and everything went well .Even the transfers ...SO I THOUGHT ...Then i receive an email stating that a domain cannot be transferred until it has been registered for atleast 60 days in which is a federal law and cannot be altered ....The next thing i found out is that the 10-11 bucks a month that i had been paying for each of my ten domain names, only cost 10 -11 bucks a year not month every where else...
Now im ready to launch my first site and have no domain names because i reserved all the good ones.........

Just trying to help out anyone else in the forum so that they dont get caught up in the same TRAP that i got caught in...
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    Who ever your hosting provider is going to be, ask them for their DNS, so you are able to use your names.Then all you need to is transfer to there server. Have not had a problem in doing that from my domain hosting company. You will need to check out their Terms and Conditions. Then maybe after the 3-6 months are up move your domains over.

    Mike only a suggestion.

    Well let me see. OH yea need to start work on my ???????? again.
    Been working for slave wages to long.

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