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If your like me, a wordpress junkie that is always looking for that perfect plugin to add content to your blog, then this might be for you.

With the internet growing upon the video age with more content than anyone knows what to do with, I've got to say I'm Very Impressed with this product.

Over the past month or so I've been searching for video content generation program that will grab videos from rss feeds that works with wordpress to create posts on the fly.

Last night, I found WP Mixer and I am thoroughly impressed.

All I did was watch the video and I was hooked.

After buying wpmixer, I did do a few test runs to see that it works and yes it works great.

If you have ever used wp-o-matic and you needed to add content after the content in the post, this has the very same thing, a post templatate editor where you can control how you want the content to look when its posted. I thought "RIGHT ON!".

Take a look and check it out, I'm one happy camper.

WPMixer - Wordpress Content Generator
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    I got a chuckle out of a WordPress product being offered via a Blogger blog.
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      Does it work with any wordpress template or do templates come with it ? Do you have a sample blog you have used this plugin on ...
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    It works with any template. I tried it on my test site and then my blog.

    Worked both times.
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      Hi Drew

      Is this your plugin ?
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    No I did buy the plugin.

    take a look at my site, I've been using it alot...

    It works well with twitter tools.

    Take a look at my twitter page @drewjonesdotcom..

    you will see all of the posts I've made in the last few days...click on a link.
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    If anyone buys this...give me a ring.

    I'll be more than happy to help.
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    Along with the videos and articles and the comments from both youtube and yahoo answers...

    It also grabs the tags as well and adds them to the post when posting.

    Tags are important for SEO. "The more tags you have, the more you have a shot at being in the top 5, which now I am.

    Made a sale today...don't know who it was or where it came from...

    Thank you...
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  • Profile picture of the author dom4biz
    Whats the difference other than being more expensive to caffinated plugin?

    Domonic Mongello
    skype: dom4biz
    facebook: domonic.mongello
    The Silent List Building Method - Game Changer

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