Confessions Of A Lazy Affiliate Marketer?

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Anyone purchased and applied it? If so, what were ur experiences? Success?
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    I reviewed it at the old forum:

    The Warrior Forum

    Truly one of the only "make money online" books I've read that was worth the time spent.

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      I've never heard of it but I do believe it's possible since I've been doing it too.. all with autopilot..

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        Originally Posted by azlanhussain View Post

        I've never heard of it but I do believe it's possible since I've been doing it too.. all with autopilot..

        agreed, its actually rather easier now to make money online being lazy
        being lazy is the best!!!
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              This was one of the first products I bought early this year. What I like about the product is that Chris walks you through a fictional campaign and guides you through the steps you need to do to go and get it set up.

              I was surprised to actually see that level of detail provided in an ebook that didn't cost that much. It is worth at least double the price as Chris does a good job explaining what he talks about unlike other manuals out there that are vague.

              I'd say, if you're new to IM and trying to get an idea how to get started, this is a good guide to at least get you thinking the right way. Its all about the right mindset and step by step guides.



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                Its one of the best ebook i have ever purchased,u should also check out his other ebooks.
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    99% of internet marketing ebooks are pure junk.
    This ebook is part of the 1%.
    Real solid info, straight forward plan... and being in the same industry, I can tell he does his very best to cover every piece of the puzzle. Most guides like this leave huge portions of the process out so that the author can continue using the full process to make good money and still make money on selling a partial process with the critical factors totally vague or left out completely. This guide is not like that, good stuff.
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    I would say that the afformentioned book, The Conduit Method, and Niche Marketing on Crack should be part of anyone's library

    Even though Lazy Affiliate and NMOC came out in 2007, they aren't based on fads so they will stand the test of time

    In fact, there is a 100% accurate way of telling if a method is good or not...and that is if people are still recomending it several months after lauch...and in the case of Lazy Marketer and NMOC, the owner of the Warrior Forum still promotes it...that should tell you something

    Good luck to you

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      My three favorite Internet Marketing books currently are Lazy Marketer, Adwords 180, and NMOC. As already mentioned these are "evergreen" type courses. They are not stupid fads that have no legs a few months after you buy them.

      .......I wish ALL IM products were this good.

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        Absolutely Brilliant!!!

        I first heard of Chris Rempel in an interview done with Paul Simpson. I then bought one of Chris's books, then got another & then emailed him & asked for all his books. I now have them all & they are all printed, dog-earned, coffee stained & committed to memory!

        Also if you do buy the complete set you'll get all future releases of all his ebooks (as I understand it).

        Since I found Chris Rempel - I have taken the time to unsubscribe from most of the "gurus" & have refind my subscriptions to just a few - the ones that way over deliver for a minimum initial outlay.

        If you dont have Chris Rempel ebooks - you should.
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          Chris Rempel's products are all excellent. I bought the confessions first and then booked all his VIP products for the lifetime. So, whenever he publishes any product, I get that automatically.

          One of the VIP product was a complete kit consisting of a product review blog template and other tools. Using it, I had recently re-created a product review blog, that I own. Even though not many product reviews are yet added, the site is doing fairly well.

          On the whole, Chris is one sincere and honest IM guy.


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            Along with "confessions," I also got the conduit method and this guy doesn't miss a beat. He's also great at answering your questions on his blog... a no non-sense guy with no non-sense stuff..check him out


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          Wow, NewbiesDiary. Sounds like I should start a full library.

          Grab Twenty Wordpress Themes With Private Label Rights HERE.

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    I have to pull my head in a bit - I said I have an interview with Paul Simpson & Chris Rempel - I was wwrrrr, wwwwrrrrroooo - ok I was wrong!

    The interview was by Daniel Turner from

    Thanks Paul for giving me the heads up that it wasn't you.

    I will go on the record saying that Paul's product Niche Profit Machines is also a great start for Newbies - but I dont wanna hijack this post & go off on a rant about that.

    So I stand corrected.

    To get back to the original post topic - I'm starting work on Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate. I'll be created a test case study and will be documenting the whole thing in video which will be available thru my site.
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    Very good. All meat - no fluff

    He is a good teacher!

    There should be a charge for reading the sales letter alone. It
    has great information even if you choose not to buy the

    Mesh More

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      i'm looking forward for another review
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    How is it possible to make money with internet marketing while being lazy? I spin my wheels almost every day, and even then being able to build a website and promote stuff can be easier said than done and does take work.
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    I guess being lazy is not about "not doing anything" i guess it is something to do with a business model where things are set and go.

    The work would be one time.

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    ...Buy his eBook and see how it's done. I don't have enough information to know that it works, I can only go off of what other people are saying. And all that is good.

    I can also vouch for the straight forward nature of the text contained there-in. I haven't finished going through it yet, but I will be done very soon.
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    Anything has Chris Rempel's name on it, grab it. I like his VIP reports better. They are short, precise, and most of all actionable. Precise as in it solves a particular problem.
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