WP Aviari any good? And Vas the guy behind it

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Anybody know anything about WP Aviari?

It looks like the latest launch by this guy called Vas .Yep, he's the irritating over the top voice guy who does a lot of the video voice overs and joint ventures launches of their plugin and software with the fella Precious . . . Who is banned from warrior forum.

(In fact last week they did another launch called Traffic Elixir and surprise, surprise plenty of folk here on Warrior commented warnings to people on these unsavoury characters (I did as well) and STILL folk went onto and got swindled on that..last week!!
Despite And folk telling them similar things with Vas and Precious todate )

Anyways maybe another warning..., this Vas character has AGAIN done another launch today 4th July>
This picture editing software for word press called WP Aviari doing it via jvzoo.com

His sales Page is his usual typical sales page style layout he does, and hype and annoying like mad shouty video voice style he always does. Plus so called 'testimonials' of SAME pictures of users and wording style (alarm bells!) he tends to always use for most of his products - Hmmm....

So, hence emails about this will be hammering your inboxes by affiliates today and so forth...

Sooo, I'm interested to hear if people are jumping in, what it's really all about GENUINE folks using it and if it's any actually good.... as MAYBE, just maybe and finally it does what it says and no issues anyone?

Just be warned Everything this guy Vas does and Precious todate, (go check it out here on this forum and other forums) so many folk end up with any of their software etc, that simply never ends up doing what it says and works frankly, messes or breaks people sites, customer service is none existent and gets ignored or delayed tactics etc

Actually dare I say it... It looks quite good /very useful BUT is WP Aviari (google it) another product offering by Vas and co again, all well, typical smoke and mirrors and has issues or finally something... that works and lives upto what it says?

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    seems to no longer be available

    i remember looking at the testimonials, where he pasted an image...and the very last one said something to the effect of

    "Do you have permission to resell this from the creators?"

    i found that amusing
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    I bought it and it seemed to work but now I can no longer access the purchase or support. It says his account was suspended from his hosting account. Stay away. It cost me $12 to learn to stay away from Vas.

    Live Crickets and Worms

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      Originally Posted by wormman View Post

      I bought it and it seemed to work but now I can no longer access the purchase or support. It says his account was suspended from his hosting account. Stay away. It cost me $12 to learn to stay away from Vas.
      Yeah, Vas has been caught pirating so it's probably best to avoid anything and everything that he touches.




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        Don't forget the TurboVideoGenie! That is my personal gripe on top of all you guys mentioned: I bought it 3 times (TVG aka Auto Video Creator aka Slide Video Creator - plus, I discovered I have free access to it in a plr website). I must say, his behaviour is beyond deconstruction. He's a young guy, a student, does he really want to ruin his future - he can't wipe out all the references on the internet. Now, if his name were John Smith (no offence meant!) he could hope that search wouldn't find him; as it is right now, with a name like his he's all over Google search front page, complete with all major network profiles, contacts, sites... Just can't wrap my head around it...
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