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Today Im looking at YouTube Jammer, a new training product that promises to teach you how “a clueless newbie went from banging his head on the wall to banking an easy $2000 per month”.

This training is delivered via a membership site.

This is a basic Optimize Press 2.0 membership site. Personally I dont like these kinds of membership sites. They feel cheap to me. I find that WP is not well suited to membership sites and I feel that taking a shortcut and using WP and Optimize Press is not really needed since a membership site is very simple to create (which means its low cost to hire a freelancer to do for you if you cant do it yourself). But this is just my personal opinion which may be biased since Im a developer.

As for the training videos. The first thing I noticed about this course is that there are a lot of videos that have little to do with YouTube or making money on YouTube.

There are several videos on things such as how to register a domain name, how to get hosting with HostGator and how to set up WordPress. These are very basic and beginner level videos that while may be useful for some people are not required for most. 10 years ago perhaps it was worth creating training on how to register a domain name, but today thats not required at all. Even for the people who dont know how (and there are not many) there is tons of free tutorials all over the web. There is no need to fluff up a training product with info that is widely available for free.

In fact many of the videos in this course seem to be on a very basic / beginner level. Even the product itself rates them as beginner. You see each video page has a rating for its skill level. I selected 5 videos at random and 4 of them where self rated at ‘beginner’ level.

I watched a few of the videos and many of them just give info that can be had for free with a little research. I honestly did not come across anything that I though was any kind of secret tactic or strategy. While it may be useful to some people who have absolutely no experience at all to have all of this general knowledge condensed in one place for most people there is not going to be much here worth watching.
Some videos where just a total waste. For example in the section entitled “Finding a Profitable Niche” .. the first video is 1 minute 35 seconds of this guy saying little more than reading a list of his top 9 favorite niches. These are just generic niches such as ‘gaming’. The video gives no real info and is a total waste. The second video in this section is the narrator telling people to go to clickbank and search available products to find their niche, its 2 minutes and 51 seconds long and like the first one gives no real information. Thats it for the entire section. Just those two useless videos. Not a single thing is mentioned about searching for competition in your niche or fine tuning your niche or anything else really.

In some of the later modules the content begins to get a little better. Its still very basic information and still things that can be had for free. But its less basic and things that you might have to know what your looking for to find. Unfortunately however the video quality starts to really degrade. Specifically the audio. Most of the later videos start with some kind of generic ‘Fiverr style’ intro (they are all different and non are very professional) which has some audio music after that the narrator begins to speak. However his voice in several of these videos is so low that I had to turn my computer speakers way up just to hear him. Even then it was difficult at times. When the video was over and I clicked to play the next one I got blown away by the next videos intro audio since my speakers where up so loud. So I turned them down. Only to find that once the narrator began speaking I had to turn them all the way up again.

One thing that totally blew me away was the realization that all of these videos are hosted on YouTube and they are set as public. What this means is that you dont even have to buy this product to watch these training videos. They are right there, in public on YouTube for anyone to find and watch at no cost.

Something else I found interesting is that this video training has a section that tells you how to ‘market your videos and build an audience’ however when I looked at the creators YouTube channel I noticed that he has a whopping 16 subscribers. I kind of expected him to have more than that considering hes suppose to be training people how to make money with YouTube videos.

Over all Im going to say that this is very basic training that gives no real revolutionary information but instead just reiterates what can be found for free from many sources. I also found the membership site and several videos to be of low quality and done with poor execution. Finally I have some concerns about this product creators qualification to be teaching people how to make money with YouTube in the first place. Im going to recommend this to anyone who wants to waste $10. For everyone else I say pass.
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    Yes, I totally agree. A flat out piece of crap is what it is. Not one thing valuable as far as I am concerned.
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    Thank you guys for reinforcing what I read in another Forum.
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      James Knight is another one who promotes mainly YouTube. I have purchased 3 courses and software and so far has not worked. And the main thing he talks about how he ranked for "free iPhone 5". If he is a expert why are his YouTube views so low. I like his as a person and I have not asked for a refund and probably wont. I want someone to be straight forward with me.
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        Originally Posted by frankwyatt77777 View Post

        James Knight is another one who promotes mainly YouTube. I have purchased 3 courses and software and so far has not worked. And the main thing he talks about how he ranked for "free iPhone 5". If he is a expert why are his YouTube views so low. I like his as a person and I have not asked for a refund and probably wont. I want someone to be straight forward with me.
        This makes no sense. You bought something from someone that does not work and who seems to not have the personal qualification to produce it anyway. But your not going to ask for a refund? Hmm that kind of thinking might explain why these bad products keep coming up. People keep buying them anyway, and dont ask for a refund. So what if you like him as a person. This is business. Are you looking for a friend or are you looking to make money? If you buy something that turns out to be bad, get a refund.
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    This course was being offered for Free on Udemy several months ago (now $197.00). Happy to access it at that time, because I agree most of the stuff I already new, but as stated earlier ok for a beginner.
    How Can I help...
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    Hello, I found that James Knight products where not as bad. I understand that I'm new to the "Internet Marketing" world but I have found some success with YouTube Rock star a few months back. However I am having difficulty keeping it consistent and actually turning a profit. I find Video marketing is definitely the way to go with today's generation.
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  • This course is absolutely useless and you can get it for free on udemy. There goes my 10$. Its sad because the person behind the product also sells it for $97.

    I would have invented Google and Microsoft if I was born earlier.

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      What about the Downsell that has 2 case studies with Clickbank and CPA? Anyone try this?
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