Anyone Using Russel Bronson Click Funnels?

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I friend of mine just called me asking for advise on this product.

For a trial you need to use your credit card information.

Did anyone tried it? Does it worth it?
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    There's a two week trial so well worth giving it a try yourself.

    I just created a funnel with it last night - just a test - but it was definitely very easy to use, by far the easiest I have seen so far. A wide variety of pre-made templates to choose from - and it literally walks you through the process 1-2-3 for creating several types of funnels.

    The downside is some things that I wanted to change - I couldn't. For example, the submit button on one template I liked was something like 'download your free report' and that was not appropriate for what I was doing - although the image was perfect!

    It's possible I simply don't know it well enough to change the button - but it's pretty intuitive and I figured everything else out quite easily, so I think you may be stuck with the button text.

    All in all - a really nicely done product, very easy to use, and lots of variety in the designs. I think I went from signup to testing my first funnel in about 30 minutes.

    Would love to hear how this compares to the others out there as I am looking for something like this - but I think it could be easy to go over the monthly limits the program has set if you get a couple of decent campaigns going.

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    I was huge fan of optimize press so far but clickfunnels really got my attention.

    I really feel impressive about following things.

    (1)Huge database of nice looking templates of squeeze page , sales page , download page .

    (2)Intuitive user interface.Much smoother and easier interface compared to optimize press.

    (3)Point and click sales funnel,webinar funnels and even membership funnels.

    (4)It is on 14 day free trail ,so you do not have to lose anything.

    The only downside of things program is monthly payment so try it for 14 days free ,if's suits for you continue it .
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    What does it cost after 14 days?
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    Call me a cheapo, but I rather just make all the pages they offer myself in wordpress. It's really not that hard with all the tools available today.

    I never understood how lead pages gets away with their monthly fee either. I know it is simple to use, but I don't find the current crop of page builders that hard to use in the slightest.
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      Hey Cheapo!

      You're not cheap just frugal. You are exactly right. Most all of this can be done using free WordPress themes and plugins. The main advantage is the time savings. As we all should be aware of, time is money. It may be a real deal for the team banging out offers everyday. Not so much for the average marketer that puts together a few deals a month.

      What really concerns me most about this recent crop of high priced server side application providers is that you rely on them completely to maintain their service. Specially something like ClickFunnels which claims to be an all-in-one service. That you only need them and your autoresponder to do just about anything with your online marketing efforts.

      So you can just imagine what would happen if their service goes down tomorrow, or they just disappear. I'm not suggesting that this is about to occur, but all things come to an end sooner or later and have glitches. That means your whole network built up around them goes dark.
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    I had a problem with the recently released "Sales Funnel". I couldn't add any products to it. Support said it was a known bug which makes the system rather unworkable until that is fixed. Too bad as my free trial is about over and I won't sign up with that broken.

    I'm a blogger and a dog lover. Check out my internet adventures (in a bikini) at

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    To be honest, the design look great but you can make same design with some plugins/themes like OptimizePress2.0, WP Profit Builder , Thrive Theme + Content Builder. However there more feature like AB split testing and etc in clickfunnels. Unless you have many product to sale and required a funnel, maybe you don't need it. Moreover, mostly people will opted $97/monthly package .. for me its bit expensive.. but you could use it for your own product that really convert. Maybe this will increase your ROI more.
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    I've been trying it out for a couple of days now, not really using it as I've also run into a problem with one of the templates, but I have to say I believe this will be a good product – and you can't really compare it to a site builder like Optimize Press or Thrive Content Builder.

    It really is an integrated solution to build funnels: sales funnels, optin funnels, webinar funnels. Just as the name says. It is much closer to LeadPages than to the WordPress Plugins mentioned in this thread.

    For example, my intention was to setup an autowebinar funnel:

    * Registration page
    * Thank You page
    * Webinar page
    * Replay page

    There are many templates to choose from and you can customize every aspect of the pages. But the nice thing is, they are already linked together. So, if you set your auto responder code or choose a list in the registration page, the system knows that after signup, the lead should, of course, see the thank you page. You don't have to set the redirect in the auto responder code.

    And although it integrates with all auto responders, the system can also send emails via its own smtp setup. That's how you can automatically message the webinar participants before and after the training and even different messages if they left early and didn't get to see the offer.

    It really is quite sophisticated and although I am sure, you can replicate the whole thing with your standard set of tools, this really is easy and fast. And it is all in one place.

    For the skeptics who fear that the service might cease to exist at some point, I don't really see the problem. Just point your links to a new funnel – either directly on your site or with another company. Plus I've always found that my pages which were hosted at where much faster than my own site.

    So all in all, this really is a good product or will be a good product, when everything works like it should. It has been beta testing for a while but my feeling is that it's not quite there yet to warrant the price tag and I will cancel my trial now as well. They should really extend the trial until everything works 100% but perhaps the majority of users have no troubles with the service.
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    I'd like to chime in.

    I'm really enjoying ClickFunnels. It's really a great development and makes everything really easy. It has some great features and integrations that I like a lot.

    ClickFunnels is a really easy to use program that isn't too complex after you play with it for a couple hours, but it lacks depth.

    The price is way too high at the moment I agree with those above. I'm currently on the $97 plan because they force you to have that if you want a membership site. And that's the main reason I like ClickFunnels, is because of their membership site powers.
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    But do the funnels have $500 upsells on the back end? $1000? $5000? I want a funnel with big back ends. Do they do that? What types of products do they sell?

    The good thing about this business is that "People don't succeed cause they aim too high and miss, no, they aim too low... and hit. Most people don't aim at all." (Les Brown)

    Not us... Not marketers. We live far above mediocrity. Always keep this in mind at all times..

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      Originally Posted by marketforus1 View Post

      But do the funnels have $500 upsells on the back end? $1000? $5000? I want a funnel with big back ends. Do they do that? What types of products do they sell?
      You get to create products and integrate them with paypal, stripe, infusionsoft, and other platforms so you can create big funnels like that if you like.

      They don't sell products. It's a platform for building funnels, webinars, and membership sites.
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    Has anyone set up click funnels for a service-based client? We're looking for a faster, all in one solution and wondering if this may be it. Thanks in advance for your advice.

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