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Someone posted a link to this post that I am currently working my way through:
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Tried Ninja Popup - You cannot change the fonts and the ones used are less than motivating. I only want it to display in specific pages, which it is supposed to do, but doesn't. It's been 3 days and no refund has been processed. They subsequently gave me credit for another product. I don't use Envato, so I complained and received a refund.

HybridConnect - Nice templates and says you can change everything to get the look/feel you want. Yes you can, but it's time consuming and somewhere along the line things got wonky. If you change the template, all your text is gone, which means you have to start over. Upon entering the lightbox settings, realized there is no exit pop. Trying to get a refund and they're making me jump through hoops to get it. If you use a cc outside of PayPal to pay for the product, you'll have a hard time finding your transaction id. I had to call PP to get it and they told me there is no point in requiring it because it's not sent to the buyer and it won't match the buyer's. Gave it to them anyway and still no refund. I had to actually threaten them (reporting them to a government oversight agency) to get the refund. Go figure!

OptinMonster - My next option to try. I would like to just try the Basic to see if it will do what I need, but that option does not include an exit pop. These guys are AWESOME - answered all my question in less than 1 hour. EXCEPT - when I purchased and upgraded to the Pro so I could use the exit intent, they stopped being so timely with tickets and finally refunded my purchase instead of fixing the exit intent.

Pippity - Very well documented system and all the functions work well to produce a beautiful popup. Unfortunately, the exit pop isn't working and there is nothing in their documentation to tell me why. Opened 3 tickets on multiple issues with no response after 24 hours. Refunded my purchase instead of fixing the issue.

Popup Domination - Beautiful templates and received a response from customer support on the first ticket. Once the template images started breaking, no further response from support. I had purchased this last year, so no refund requested.

Last Chance Exit Popup - The exit worked perfectly every time. The only drawback is there are no fancy templates, so you will spend time customizing it yourself. Excellent support and reliable software, but I didn't want to spend all that time on the customization.

All this trial and error left me with money out-of-pocket because NOBODY seems to be able to respond to support tickets in a timely manner, if ever. Sometimes I HATE working on the 'net due to the frustrations.

I also realize that many of the issues with popups may be due to using the WP platform. They would probably work better on a static site without the WP loop and plugin conflict issues. Just had a thought.... maybe, just maybe... one of those OLD popup programs I have laying around on my hard drive would work!!

It stuns me that some of these plugins are sold at a premium price and yet do not provide adequate support. Even a simple, "Sorry, we are unable to provide a fix for your issue" would have been greatly appreciated and I wouldn't have felt the need to expose their flaws for everyone to see.

Someone has posted the code to do an exit pop on a few of the popup threads you might want to try.

If you're looking for a simple WP popup/exit intent, install "Popup Ally" - it's free and you'll avoid all the headaches I've had to put up with.

Icegram has been out for a while now and I've been using it for a few weeks. Works great with the free version. There are upgrades for more functionality (like the exit pop), but it's very affordable, you only pay for what you need, and their support team is responsive.
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