Ebook Vending Machines - Can you make money from it?

by Reader
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Does any one know about Ebook Vending Machines by Yanik Silver? I always look forward to anything that Yanik offers---but this is making me hesitate. The sample websites don't look that great to me... and no mention on how to get the traffic for ebook vending machines sites.

You pay a $29.95 monthly subscription to have your ebook vending websites. With tutorials, you are shown how to build websites that feature ebooks on various topics. The are some testimonies on the sales page that claim that people are making a lot of money with these types of sites.

Has anyone ever tried this?
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    It's been awhile now this question has been sitting here...I guess I got my non-answer...!
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      I looked at this also, but decided against it because:
      1)Yanik has a bad reputation as far as refunds. Notice that he gives no phone number to call him with questions
      2) If he went to all this trouble to design this site, why would he want to share it with anyone

      Probably best to stay away

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        Thanks Steve...I also did not buy into this program. I also noticed not much contact information and was hesitant to try this because of the lack of support I might need.

        The other reason was that it is a monthly subscription, which may be difficult to unsubscribe from if I want to stop it.
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        Hello Steve and Reader. I was notified of this post and wanted to just point out one thing - we have never, ever refused a refund. I'm not sure where that information about having a reputation for not delivering refunds. We refund even when it's significantly PAST the refund period we list on the site. Our customer support mailing, phone and fax is usually listed on every site. It appears it wasn't on this one but I will rectify. fyi - it is surefiremarketing.com/support

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