Kaspersky Anti-Virus: feedback anyone?

by Gabe77
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I just purchased the 2009 version. I used to be on Windows One Care Live. I've read great reviews about Kaspersky. Any warrior using this product? Appreciate your thoughts.
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    Not presently on this machine but I used to have it in earlier years and was very happy with it. At the beginning I needed to "teach" it a bit (wanted to prevent me from going to many sites that I knew they were safe) but it learns fast. When you get the hang of it - it is a great tool. I hope the newer versions are even better!

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    Originally Posted by Gabe77 View Post

    I just purchased the 2009 version. I used to be on Windows One Care Live. I've read great reviews about Kaspersky. Any warrior using this product? Appreciate your thoughts.
    The best. I've used it on all my computers for years. Wouldn't use anything else.
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    once one of my laptop had a very "bad" virus. I forgot the name. it fakes as the windows firewall. once you clicked it, it is very difficult to remove it, and it hijacks your browser.

    I tried many anti-virus software, finally, I believe killed it, but can not remove the hijack of browsers. it always comes back. I installed the trial of Kaspersky, at the beginning, it is the same as others. the hijacks still comes back. but after several days (I only use it maybe 20 minutes a day), I found the hijack was gone.

    so, I assume Kaspersky has some advantages over others. at least it is true for this virus.

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      to simply remove this virus without an antivirus.
      do the following.
      Activate msconfig from run dialog box
      goto startup tab
      disable any suspected startup program
      click apply and close
      restart the system
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        Originally Posted by emmacom View Post

        to simply remove this virus without an antivirus.
        do the following.
        Activate msconfig from run dialog box
        goto startup tab
        disable any suspected startup program
        click apply and close
        restart the system
        Not every virus runs automatically on system startup. There are viruses that will clone themselves and infect multiple files once it infects your system. And most viruses do their damage without you noticing until it's too late.

        To run a computer without an anti-virus, is to commit blasphemy.

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    I LOVE IT love it! I will never go back to anything else!

    I have it on all 3 of my computers, and have the 3 year license.

    PS: I have the full Internet Security Suite.


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    I use it, and never had a problem with it. I guess with virus scanners, you only notice them when they are NOT doing their job.
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    Actually i just downloaded their free trial and used it. It gave me good works and i was happy with it.
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    Excellent antivirus that I would rate in the top 3. You can buy it cheap at purplus.com.

    Hope this helps,
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    A few years back I researched this because I hated McAfee (which came preloaded on my computers) - such a resource hog.

    Kaspersky was highly rated. I now use it on all of my computers (6 in all). Extremely happy with it. It updates the definitions multiple times per day and you never even notice it. And the protection is second to none.

    Highly recommended!

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    Kaspersky is my favorite anti-virus software. I've used other software in the past like McAfee with mixed feelings but I've been using Kaspersky on my desktop computer as well as my laptop for the last year now.

    It doesn't seem to slow my computer down at all when compared with McAfee.

    I would recommend it to anyone.
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      I've been using Kaspersky for about 2 years. I like it very much. IMO, it might irritate you due to its very strict protection. Perhaps you may set off some settings up to your favor. Yet, I'm using it on default settings.
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    Thanks for the reviews everyone.

    Kaspersky has been running on my computer for over 2 weeks now and so far, everything looks great.
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    well its one of the best software i have used .its virus database is updated every 5 hours and nice protection for your computer .

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    I've been using Kaspersky Internet Security for several years. Terrific product. Best prices are on eBay. I recently bought a 3-year, 3-computer license for $16 on eBay.
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    I'm using it at the moment and it's the best anti-virus software I have ever used. I didn't look back at all the days when my computer was running like a 90 year old with Norton. Now my computer is protected and still running fast and smoothly.
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      Kaspersky's my favorite AV so far. Of late, it has gotten a bit too aggressive in preventing access to some sites (like aweber, for example). Still, I continue to use it, and will likely continue doing so.
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    One of the very best of AV is Kaspersky, its been running on both my desktop and laptop for almost 2yrs and i`ve never caught any virus nor slow down my computers
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    I did exactly the same as you - transfered from OneCare to Kaspersky - and all of a sudden it seemed I had nothing to do! With OneCare there was always some action or other required but in a way you were kept reassured by the very fact of being alerted to this or that and having to tweak to keep everything up to date.

    With Kaspersky you do none of that; so you sometimes wonder if it is doing anything at all! But I have to say, it seems to be doing everything it needs to quietly in the background. I even had a particularly nasty attempt to get me to download a file supposedly from someone on skype. Here was this person I had casually put in my contact list who, out of the blue, was apparently sending me some file or another. I am based in the UK and this skype contact was based in Ausstaralia. Well, as it was attempting to download I sent a skype message saying "What are you sending me?" and I got a cryptic message that simply said; "Photo Love". Well, being a single red blooded male I clicked the file to download it and immediately got a message telling me it was a specific trojan virus which I later researched to be a particulalry virulent type. In light of this information I got straight on to the skype contact who vehemently denied sending me anything at all. I then did a routine scan using Kaspersky and found other hidden trojans in unopened files but nothing from skype. I am optomistically assuming that kaspersky took care of it before the download was achieved.

    I'll let you know if anything more comes of this event. Anyone had any similar experiences?
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      I have Kaspersky for both my laptop and computer for 3 years already and i have never ever caught any virus or spywares at all. Great software, highly recommend you guys to get it.

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    Kapersky is better than Norton by a long shot because it does not invade your computer.

    It works quietly in the background without sticking it's branding in your face.

    One thing to watch out for is that if you buy a CD with multiple registrations it sometimes annoyingly asks you to put the disk back in again - this is not practical if you are travelling or if your partner is on the road with one of the registrations and doesn't have the disk.

    Having said that with Norton this was such a problem that's why I switched to Kapersky in the first place. And because I couldn't get rid of the Norton toolbar.
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    I used to use Nortons and it used to be a very good one. I got 4 viruses on my computer while using Nortons. Had to take it into the shop. Since I have used Kaspersky and I haven't had a problem. I roam around on the Internet a lot more now than I used to.
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    I use - eset smart security 4 - and have never had anymore computer problems.

    It's rated higher than Kapersky and performs a higher level of security than Kapersky. ESET - Antivirus Software with Spyware and Malware Protection

    eset vs. compeition Want the best antivirus software? Compare antivirus software solutions now.
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    I had some problems on my laptop, some viruses which I couldnt remove but kaspersky internet security 2009 removed them all . Today my trial ended, I am now trying KIS 2010 and after that is expired, I will buy KIS 2010.

    For me is kaspersky the best antivirus ever
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    i used d 2007 version..at dat it was really superb...i was so happy bcoz my pc was so fast...but i have changed my pc & not currently using it...but hope,still it is d same as it was before in 2007..
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    I have used kaspersky for the last few years. and am very happy with it.
    I have read it is best to do a virus scan when your computer is in safe mode.
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    I am using it since 2006 both in PCS as well as in my Symbian Mobiles. It is the best Anit-Virus so far. Once i got problem and it disturb my network. But overall the best.
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    i also recommend Kaspersky to use... the most powerful anti virus software so far...
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    This is my 3rd year with Kaspersky. It uses very less resources from your PC.
    Go get it and protect your PC with real Anti virus.
    For your information, I'm using KIS 2009 and recently upgraded it to 2010 version.

    Instead of KIS, you better get Kaspersky AV and PC Tools Spyware Doctor. That would be fine.
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    I like Kapersky and have only heard good things about it. but, i prefer F-secure. Just a preference.
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    i use kaspersky, it's one of the best but like with every anti virus program there are always viruses out there which are not detected yet. use your brain and avoid suspicious files
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  • Kaspersky is pretty good. But too much new viruses now, no one is safe.

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      Kaspersky works great for me.

      It was recommended by my bank, and they made an offer where I got the first year for free.

      I believe this offer is still open. If you're in the UK and bank with Barclays, you should be able to track the Kaspersky offer down.

      My son tells me that he's using eset - it seems to be a new competitor on the block.


      Smart Internet Marketers never overlook eBay - still a surprisingly easy way to make money.

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    Kaspersky is the most powerful antivirus in the market , you only need a very powerful computer workstation to make it work lol, it kills almost all your windows resources.
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    kaspersky sky antivirus is one of the most ..it been years i have been using...but do try some internet security tools like PC tools spyware doc...coz antivirus doesnt help with adware and spyware
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    antivirus doesnt help with adware and spyware
    That's right! For this reason, you can pick Internet security suite that gives you a complete online protection.
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    I liked kaspersky when it first came out, in recent years the software has become too bloated for my taste. Right now i'm using antivir from Avira, it's fast, highly accurate, light on resources, and best of all 100% free
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