Anyone Tried Infocash?

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looks promising, but l heard this from Anik, so a second option would be good!
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    Bump for a review of this.

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    We purchased this hoping to get a few new tips and a useful tool to use ourselves and really were looking for a 'system' we could honestly recommend to people we know who want to start making money online.

    We bought the first upsell, too. (there are two upsells and if you bought the course and both upsells, you'd be into this system about $550) and it was just more confusing and disconnected info.

    We were very hopeful at first, but that changed fast.

    The teachings were just a TON of re-hashed info and LOOOOOOONG video series' and other ebooks that you are supposed to go through before 'starting' with the tool and method. For example, step 1 is to read his ebook from 2003 which is like 200 pages. Did that, waste of time.

    Let me summarize that one for you here in a sentence... Direct link PPC ads to Affiliate products.

    Step 2 was to go through a couple video series' about marketing on facebook. Did that, nothing new. Let me summarize those for you...

    Use a facebook fanpage instead of a website. They are free to setup, can have social proof and you want to promote affiliate links from your fanpage. Then you can run ads on FB PPC to your fanpage for cheap, getting FB users to see your affiliate links.

    The FB tool itself is still very buggy and clunky... Doesn't let you actually look back through more than a week or two's posts on Facebook. Good idea, but poor execution.

    Let me summarize the theory of the tool: Find viral content that has received TONS of engagement from others and swipe the image and text and post it on your fanpage, manually so when others share it, your Fanpage gets the viral 'bump''s app will do the research portion for you and it is free.

    After spending ~$350 and dozens of hours in more than a week going through the material trying to get the tool working effectively, etc... We decided we could not honestly recommend this to friends or new marketers who want to build a real business online. This was obviously rushed out so he could do a ton of JV's and win Clickbank's summer contest... Which he is leading on.

    According to CBengine, 96% of sales for this are coming from referral traffic meaning that the reason this is getting so much exposure is because affiliates are pushing it hard, not because it has inherent value.

    We requested a refund for both the upsell and the main product and signed up with PostPlanner instead which elegantly does what their tool tries to do and more. (It is like buzzsumo and a re-posting system all in one)

    PostPlanner is SOOOOOO professional and easy to use compared to their tool. Much more intuitive and powerful, too, and within the first week of using the PostPlanner tool instead of theirs, we already had 2 posts go viral with it.

    If it feels 'hyped' that is because it is. Money hungry affiliates are PUSHING this one hard!

    We tried it, refunded it and decided we could not maintain integrity and promote this product.

    ....Now, he is promoting Anik's InboxBlueprint system to his customer list... Further proving my theory that this is more of a 'trap' than a solution.
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      Now THAT, dear reader, is how to write a product review on this (or any other) forum! The one thing I'd add, based on my research of the product, is that it's primarily about using Facebook's in-built search engine - which is Bing - to run PPC ads within the Facebook search pages.
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    Yeah, I was.

    I bought info cash course last year when I was totally new to the affiliate marketing. I don't know @@@@@ about affiliate marketing so I thought the course was not bad.

    At the beginning of the course, Chris asks you to read his "google cash" book which is out of date by the way.

    And then all the product research crap that many gurus will likely teach you, either. And it seems that Chris have a strong crush on Clickbank products.

    Then he will teach you how to set up a bing campaign and directly link to your affiliate link. Without a website, without a mailing list........................all that stuff.

    Maybe the system works for somebody else, but not me. I've learned way more all by myself about how to find a winning campaign, which he can't teach me.

    I ended up with a half refund which was surprisingly required by me ( what an idiot I was) because I think he is a nice guy who always replies my email to answer my questions, and I thought he deserves the half money.

    By the way, if you join his email list, he will send you other 'amazing' WSOs to which he is an affiliate once in a while, which is quite like most online gurus. Another thing that @@@@@@ me off is that one time he should send me an email to sell his "buyer keywords research course". I was like, **** that! Shouldn't that be taught in the info cash. course???????????????????????????????????????????? ???What the **** is that about?

    All in all, stay away from that. I don't think that one without any online marketing experience could succeed like he promises you in his hype video.
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