Robert Allen Income Streams?

by 2Quick
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Anyone know about the Robert Allen challenge and guarantee of multiple income streams for a measly $19.95 I keep getting emails about?

He says he has made 200 millionaires over time.

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      He's been around a long time, he used to do Real Estate only, now he is into this thing.

      I get lots of spam from him also, I wouldnt buy from him either.
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    Yes, I knew of him from Real Estate and never had any dealings with him, so I am not sure of his legitimacy or not. Never heard anything about him Scamming people, since he has been on some respectable shows on TV.

    Will wait to hear from someone with experience on this.


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    I have followed Robt Allen since I invested in RE yrs ago. I think he has some good info. He's sent me 2 of his hardback books of my choice for free, including s&h which is really unusual. I've also been on a few of his free teleseminars and got some good info. I think most of his products are coaching which are pretty expensive but I've learned quite a bit from his free info.




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