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I have been looking at Leadpages because I really like their "Leadboxes" feature. The landing pages are nice, but I don't have a lot of need for them and it seems silly to pay for it just for the boxes feature.

I am wanting to start offering a tailor-made lead magnets for each individual blog post I do, which with my current setup would be very labor intensive. Apparently the leadboxes functionality makes that really easy, hosts the post specific lead magnet file and then funnels it into a single list vs. setting up a new list or auto-responder just to attach the unique file for that post and create a whole new signup form per post.

I was wondering if I can achieve this functionality in a way that isn't too time consuming in another way other than getting a subscription to leadpages? Is there an alternative option I should look at?
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    OptinLinks has very similar functionality and allows you to setup specific download pages associated with the individual boxes: OptinLinks: Worlds' Most Powerful List Building Plugin
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    I haven't seen anything in the market that is as clean and easy to use as Leadpages Leadbox feature.

    It's worth every penny...for me.
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      I went ahead and gave optinlink a try and I'm really liking it. It's pretty straight forward and just works. I also like its a one time fee and I can be done with it. I think Leadpages sounds good, but I'm not into make loads of sales pages, so it wasn't quite right for me.
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        I agree with DreBeltrami. I love LeadPages!

        I think you're looking at this the wrong way. Don't look at this as paying double or for something you don't need.

        There are a lot of different options for creating opt-in pages. What I think sets LeadPages apart is the fact that they're always testing and provide with you the best-converting pages and boxes possible. It's NOT just a static product which remains the same a year after you bought it.

        Also, they offer a split-testing feature so you can split-test your ads, traffic, landing pages/boxes, etc.

        I also prefer their designs over any other provider. They have the most professional, least-cheesy designs I've seen. But of course, that's just a personal preference.

        Just another perspective!

        "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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    As a person who has used both.

    LeadPages is worth its cost from Support alone.

    I've had a support request in for over a month. Contacted via the Forum, 3 different emails and Skype. Still no response.

    What's worse? I created a wordpress username for them to use and they logged in once about 15-20 days ago. Didn't fix issue. Also didn't contact me about logging in. So they saw the support email.
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    The support request in question is with OptinLinks.

    If I had any support questions to LeadPages. Took less than an hour to get a solution....Yet I've been a customer for 6 months. Not one issue. NONE.

    OptinLinks looks and honestly better than LeadBoxes, but if I can't get support...It doesnt matter.
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    Optimizepress has a 2-step optin process which is nearly identical to the LeadBoxes feature.
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    A quick and easy way to get lead capture pages up is Lead Rocket. Doesn't have a fraction of the features of Lead Pages but sometimes that's an advantage.
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    One problem with LeadPages is their exit intent popup a) only works on Firefox for tabs and window closes and other browsers you need to fully attempt to close the browser for the exit intent to work b) has no mobile feature, like "timed popup if device is mobile"
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