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by aleong
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Hi everyone! Thought I'd give you a heads up about the Jaaxy keyword tool. I was a customer for several months. The tool was unbearably slow and unreliable. I tried to contact customer support three times and received no answer. In frustration I cancelled my subscription. I'm looking at Market Samurai right now. This tool seems so much better and even has a series of training videos. If you're looking for a keyword tool, I wouldn't recommend Jaaxy.
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    Been using Market Samurai for years, they keep it updated and they respond to customer issues, and suggestions. Another good kw tool is Brad Callen's Niche Finder.
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    If on a budget and all you want is keyword research/domain research, then Niche Finder is the way to go.
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    We have used Market Samurai for something like 5 years now, I think. It is still the 'go to' for us and we use the tool at least a few times per week.

    Definitely one of those tools that has paid for itself time and time again!
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    Yup same here, I find the tandem of both to be very effective. Still, I was told that MS was potentially moving to the cloud...was also told new dojo vids were being made...nothing. Slow devs?
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    I use to use 'Brad Callen's Niche Finder' back in the day. Use to be pretty good, not sure about now.

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      Originally Posted by asiriusthoth View Post

      I use to use 'Brad Callen's Niche Finder' back in the day. Use to be pretty good, not sure about now.
      It's still works realtively well if you don't mind working with the initial 50 results that it gives you. It's comparable to Ultimate Niche Finder except UNF initially returns 800 results and then you can filter and select from the 800 to get similar numbers to what NF returns. Usually I prefer filtering the 800 results as in the end it often times works out to be a speedier process for me using my private proxies. That said, if you don't have at least 5 good proxies then Brad's tool will probably be faster.

      To be honest I like Moz the best best but I don't always care for the fee so I do use several other tools including Niche Finder, Ultimate Niche Finder, Traffic Travis Pro and Insty Niche Finder along with some others.

      I have used all four of the those paid programs for at least a year or two and all are still running as of today.


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      Originally Posted by fishan View Post

      Hi ..

      Market Samurai was mentioned by someone. When I add a url in market samurai, I get another lits of urls. Nice but that is not what I want. I want a list of key words associated with the url I have added ..

      There were two very simple features of the google keyword tool that I liked namely that you could add a competitors domain name and it will churn out all the keywords that the competitor ranks for.

      Secondly, broad and exact match. Which tool will allow me to toggle between broad and exact match searches. Does anyone know?

      Thanks in advance. Please let me know the answers if you know ..
      You can get a list of keywords, using the Keyword Research Module. You'll need a google account but that's free. From there you can filter results to find your perfect keywords. You can also see the competition of each and take a look at their anchor text and link network. And it also lets you search for domains.

      Brad Callen's Niche Finder will let you put in a URL and get the keywords they go for also. Truthfully, if you have the means, get both. It's what I use almost daily. But if you don't, then get Niche Finder first, and then MS.

      As far as Broad Vs. Exact. MS only gives you exact as does NF. Google only returns exact as far as I know so that makes sense.
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    I agree about Jaaxy. The main things they do not answer suupport tickets.
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    I have used MS for the past 4 years. The training videos are great and support is excellent.
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    I would like to be updated about Jaxxy Keyword Tool. Has anyone used it
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    You could try the Mondovo keyword research tool, it's quite cheap and gives reliable results. There are no monthly subscriptions either, you just pay a few cents per report.
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    I used Micro Niche Finder for years, up until this year when google cut off their keyword services from outside sources so it forces you to use their internal tools
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