Best Kindle software for analysing competition?

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Hey guys,

As the title suggests I'm looking to buy some software to cut down on my kindle research time.

I'm looking for software that will allow me to enter my seed keyword and display a list of books with same keyword in the title and include details like average reviews, page count, date of publication etc. It's taking me way too much time manually.

I know there are several of these tools available but I'm looking for some recommendations from you guys to do what I explained above

All comments/opinions greatly appreciated


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    Alan, I am no expert but I use KIndleSpy (google up kdspy). The latest update has just been released, the product creator Wes Atkins is approachable and easily contactable, the product itself is a Chrome plugin (and Chrome is my default browser, anyway so it suits me perfectly). The latest version is covering at the moment but the version should be coming soon (the older version integrated seemlessly with the site) .

    I use it for checking on trends in EFL, Business English and similar super-narrow niches, and the analytics performs beautifully even in this niche. Have a look yourself.
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      Thanks for your reply mate

      I did look briefly at Kd spy but from what I can tell it doesn't allow you to enter a keyword and analyse your competition, it just analyses best sellers

      Correct me if I'm wrong as maybe I missed it

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    Made a quick video (sorry abt the noise).
    I think the delays are because my computer is running slow at the moment.

    The search terms used are IELTS/Cambridge Advanced (exam)/ GMAT. Hope it helps.
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      wow, thanks so much for taking the time to create the video

      much appreciated

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    Check out KD Suite...
    It has all you can ask for.


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