What do you think of Backup Beast?

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I thought it's a pretty good solution. Sure beats Dropbox, etc. and other competition.

However, my main concern is: Can this service last? Will it be around in 2015, 2016 and beyond?

Dropbox and other services offers monthly payment because they need to maintain the infrastructure. With just $9 one-time payment for 500GB, can Backup Beast hold up the infrastructure when they have over, say, 7000+ users paying only $9? (That's what I see in JVZoo, 7,000+ sales)

I see that there is a backend sale but I don't think it's recurring so does anyone has been convinced that this is a service that will beat the competition?
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    Hi, is Backup Beast like an alternative to Clickbank or something?
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    I don't know how many of you understand what I'm talking about. Let's put it up here...

    Google Drive is by Google
    SkyDrive is own by Microsoft
    Dropbox is managed by Dropbox with a huge team

    The above companies are big companies in whom I believe has the sustainability in the long run.

    Not to look down on Backup Beast, but will they become a "Fly-by-night" company in the near future? That's what I'm asking.
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    I don't understand the economics of it either. But I'm not sure there is much to discuss about it in a Reviews forum.
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    I'm staying away with the same concerns you have on continuity.
    BTW it looks like reselling of livedrive.
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    Originally Posted by Joseph Then View Post

    However, my main concern is: Can this service last? Will it be around in 2015, 2016 and beyond?
    Same concerns. I don't backup my stuff as often as I should, but when I do it's on a portable HD.

    Their price is enticing, but sometimes having an established history and reputation in an industry is more important.
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    If they're reselling LiveDrive, then the math works out in their favor. I'm going to throw out some ridiculously low numbers to explain.

    Front end sales are 100% commission, so I won't take those into account.

    So far, they have 2500+ sales of upsells. If those upsells sold for only $10 (which they don't), then that means they've earned $25,000.

    If they take no profit, they can continue to offer this service for 417 months (34.75 years) with those earnings alone. If they take 50% as profit, then it drops to 17 years of continuous service.

    In reality, the upsells are priced between $27-$197 with 50% commissions being offered. And I'm not taking into account the non-affiliate sales being earned or the continued backend sales of a 7500+ buyer's list.

    This was a brilliant way of building a 7500+ buyer's list by leveraging the service of a 3rd party company.

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    The way I look at is this is a 'Backup' service provided by a reputable backend company.
    It is very economically priced.
    So for the dollar$$ invested - it is a good deal - even if it only lasted 6 months - it would be 6 months of reliable back-up.
    If it went away - then connect to another back-up and be happy you got 6 months of trusted backup.
    I hope it will be around for much longer - and I think it will - but still a good deal for a backup service.
    The only real risk is that the day it may happen to be cancelled (the reseller account) - may be the same day your own disk quits. The chances of that happening is negligent.

    At the same time I have a physical backup that I update regularly. This gives me more peace of mind since it syncs all the time without me having to worry about it.

    And it is accessible anywhere (great advantage for me as I travel for work lots).


    I really hope you are having a super day

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      After running it for days and only uploading only about 11gb of files, I did some checking and discovered that it will not upload .exe files, of which I have many. So, it is useless for me. And, I would expect that to be a problem for many others here.

      I am going to stick with my external hard drives.

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    It looks like the party might be over with Livedrive much quicker than many of us anticipated. Below is a small portion of long statement posted by Ankur today.

    Everything was going fine until 4 days back when someone from Livedrive
    who we had never spoken to before, sent us a short email saying they
    cannot continue to provide us services and will not be raising the next invoice.
    Our contract with them will be terminated at the end of this month and we
    should inform our customers about this and provide them with alternatives.
    He is promising to find another provider if necessary.


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      It was not the fault of Ankur, but the fault of LiveDrive to cancel their reseller account. Ankur told his customers directly after the message from LiveDrive: Important Update For All Customers | BackupBeast Blog

      LiveDrive seems to make this to a habit: Livedrive facing legal action after closing cloud backup accounts | Technology | The Guardian

      Hopefully all will come to an good end ...

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        Got a notice today that my account was suspended....did a little digging and found out it is most likely what others have said here.
        Account suspended probably due reseller not renewing account or something to that affect.

        7000 people are going to be really, really mad, JVZoo will get an earful as will paypal.
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          Ok, well i did not see the blog till after i made the last post. it seems that they are doing their due diligence to fix this problem and liveD really seem s to be the bad guy here.
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    BackUp Beast is no longer reseller of LiveDrive and all accounts have been suspended!!! 2nd time this has happened!!! One as a WSO.
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    Got the suspended notice today as well. I don't blame the guys at Backup Beast either. It was a great deal while it lasted.

    Personally, I'm going directly with SpiderOak for all my online backups from now on. SpiderOak always scores an A for security, and is highly recommended by Edward Snowden. I'd rather pay more and get SpiderOak's backup service because it's as secure as online encryption can be, plus it incrypts the files on your computer for maximum security.
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      Wow, I'm actually pretty thankful i had some problems uploading my data with them.

      I have dropbox, mediafire, and mega.co.nz (yes, i have a crap-load of files) so this wasn't a loss at all except for the $20 or whatever it was to sign up for Backup Beast.

      Dropbox has been the most reliable, mega.co.nz encrypts your connection in case you're dealing with sensitive data, and mediafire gave me a year for like $25 so I'm happy with my current storage lol
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    FWIW --> The creators of Backup Beast have secured us accounts on Backblaze. I have not yet had a chance to explore the service but I was able to open my account, download the installer, and the software successfully scanned my main drive. At first glance this system seems to be a bit primitive when compared with some of the others.

    The Backup Beast peeps had talked about creating an in-house solution so we shall see how long our ride will be with Backblaze. As it appears now, at least in my case, for now I was given a 1 year unlimited prepaid account. FTR I purchased a "lifetime" storage agreement with Backup Beast.

    Best of luck to all.

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    I bought it all. Wish I hadn't.
    Loaded heaps of files, now have to retrieve them, not likely to trust this
    type of thing again.
    Bought extra hard drives.
    Sometimes the old ways are the best
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      When I saw the offer, I think it was too good to be true but I bought it anyway hoping maybe they can pull it off.

      When trouble with Livedrive sets in, they seems to be honest and showing all transparency to their customers. Thumbs up for them.

      Their temporary solution deal with Backblaze seems good, but I don't want to backup all my data to backblaze (their defult settings are set to backup all data to their server and I want to select which files I want to backup and which one are not)
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    Is someone have news about their service please? What I've seen is we have only 6 months free with backblaze.com. So I don't know if it's serious... If you have some news, please tell me...

    Thank you very much.
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      Originally Posted by vivyrelax View Post

      Is someone have news about their service please? What I've seen is we have only 6 months free with backblaze.com. So I don't know if it's serious... If you have some news, please tell me...

      Thank you very much.

      They are back on Livedrive....

      This is the website: Genius Rescue

      Submit a ticket here: BackupBeast Support

      Give them your service level and payment details and they will set you up with a new account.


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    I was dissapointed. I gave it away as a bad joke. I bought the program and the update package. When Livedrive pulled out I wrote it all off and bought a NAS system.
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