Best software to create eBook cover?

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May I know what is the best software to create eBook cover?

Please kindly share which software you are using if you are creating eBook cover, and also your good / bad experiences in using it.

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    I use Cover Expert. not the BEST though, but quite cheap. Does most of what I need to do, just crashes now and then. You still have to design the cover first though and then use your design in the software
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    You can create your covers in Word then save as PDF then convert to a JPEG.
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    Honestly the best software to create a ebook cover would be photoshop with some smart object or plugin.

    The smart object Product Shot Pro works great.

    With creative cloud monthly option makes photoshop alot more affordable than it previously was.

    But if budget is an issue, the following online services or ecover authority are good alternatives.

    For standalone software that just do ecover design great, and Insofta Cover Commander are software that comes to mind.

    My preference is to use photoshop and Product Shot Pro because it allows more flexibility.

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      Photoshop and Cover Action Pro 2.5 all the way!

      Saving on a tight budget I recommend
      FREE Weekly Book Cover Templates ---> Download now!
      140 CreateSpace PSD Book Cover Templates ---> Click Here
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      I have tried many of the solutions mentioned in this thread. I agree with iClickGraphics, Photoshop in tandem with Cover Action Pro are the best.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I think the mdbillalbd, write good. but here I think a small different. If you are expert in the Adobe photoshop, you will be able to create good design by the apps, on the other hand, if you are expert in the Corel draw, you will be able to design a good graphics here. You can use that software, which software you are expert.

    Do not be crazy.

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    Adobe Photoshop with the 1click Covers Plugin. The perfect combination!
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    We actually used Serif Photoplus to create the cover for our most recent ebook!

    Not your typical software perhaps, but when you have a partner who is great at design, it did the job!

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      Here's the thing . . .

      The very best cover designs are created by the best human graphic artists.

      Regardless of the software you use to turn the flat one-dimensional graphic into a 3-dimensional life-like image, it's the person that does the actual design layout that makes all the difference.

      Most people don't seem to realize that it's the human that makes all the difference in the world!

      The very best to you.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I've been using it's really easy. I prefer this over Photoshop mainly because it comes with so many templates specific to ebook covers.

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  • You can use photoshop or if you want a free version use Gimp there are tons of free cover templates then just make a quick change and you are done!

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      I rather like Very Easy eCover Software , which I originally bought from a well-known WF marketer. However, I have had trouble accessing it from Firefox -- their support was able to fix that initially, but the last time it happened they said, "We have no problems accessing it in Chrome or IE," so -- reluctantly -- I went to IE and was able to access it. But wasn't able to upload one of my own jpg's!!!!! I haven't heard back on the upload problem, so I got to make one ebook cover for my $17 investment. Not a bad price, but that's not what I expected when I bought it.

      But I really do like it a lot. Easy to use.

      I notice Andy Brocklehurst also has it available. I wonder if his version is accessible on a consistent basis from Firefox?? And/or if his support is a little better?

      I finally found it via a Google search -- eBook Cover Software - Generate eBook Covers in Seconds This must be where Brocklehurst and the other WF member got theirs since resell rights are available.
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    Outsourcing!!!! This only applies to non-creative types like me but you can give me the best software on the planet and my covers will be crapola. Fiverr or a similar site would give you a lot of options. I know this is not a direct answer to your question but certainly something to consider in your bag of tricks! Best of Luck!
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    Normally I used My eCover maker. It is a free eCover design softeware site. It has flat 2D and 3D cover design built-in. You can use 3D eCover templates for promoting product in sales pages and it also has more than 40 ecover templates. We can choose any of them. There are also some other software for cover design. Those are
    Photoshop Action Script
    eCover Bot
    eCover creator 3D
    Book Cover Pro
    eCover Go

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      I would say Photoshop. But if you're just trying to save some money by doing it yourself for your own ebooks...I've seen some amazing ones on fiverr for only $5.
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    We use a combo of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Boxshot.

    It just depends on whether you are making a flat cover for Kindle or want to have a 3D image with various angles or views.

    Boxshot covers all the various 3D product shots you may want to produce.
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    I use Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. It's much more simple than Photoshop (only took me a day and a half to learn it) but in my opinion offers the same functionality as PS - at only a fraction of the cost!

    Before that I used Gimp with cover templates. But Xara blows Gimp out of the water...

    Here are some of the covers I've created with it...

    Unfortunately, I've inadvertently misplaced my 3D covers. But not to worry, Xara has a built in 3D tool that allows you to easily extrude/rotate any item into 3D shapes - the software makes it super simple.

    "Everything you can imagine is real." – Pablo Picasso

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      If you use Photoshop then Cover Action Pro is the best in my opinion. Other software I use is My Ecover Maker or Authority (which is the same).

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    I design my cover with Adobe Fireworks CS6. By far the easiest and not so sluggish than photoshop. I only do a 2D cover design and make a high-quality 3D cover over at It's free to create your 3D covers but they charge for a cover without watermark. But that's only $4.95 or similar per download. Always gives great results.
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    canva does pretty good and you can have it for free if you upload your own image.
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    I know you asked about software, but I have had good success with 2 Fiverr providers, who both do a very good job. I use them for all my ebook covers.

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    Hey you can get some great covers made at if you don't want to do yourself
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    Photoshop is going to be the best. You can always grab some free templates to customize all over the place. Here are a couple:

    eBook Mockups - PSD Mockups
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    I use ecover maker. I love to use the 2d and 3d built in feature. Also, we suggest you to try Photoshop action Scripts. They both have a positive reviews. You can click this for information and/or concern.
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      For fast and easy results and a reasonable price eCover Authority is a good choice.

      Graphics can be designed with many different tools. Xara is good and less in price than photoshop.

      But in the end, I think if you want to get into creating your own graphics design, you need to seriously consider the Industry Standard..... Photoshop.

      In the past it cost hundreds of dollars, but now you can get it for just $10 a month.

      It is well worth the price and the effort to learn to use.
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    Christian Swift, How Exactly do you use Photoplus to create a cover? I edit image size with it but how do you add text? Thanks in advance for your answer.
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