The Definitive Fulfillment House Thread: Kunaki vs. Vervante?

by SeanyG
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Hey guys,

I am currently using kunaki but am unhappy with their delivery times. I live in Canada and it generally takes 3 weeks to get a DVD. This is far too long considering their plant is NY. I have been shown Vervante and am very interested. Here are the two options:


-The cheapest option around. It is between $2 and $4.50 cheaper than Vervante to ship a single DVD depending where in the world you ship to.

-Not customizable at all.
-Takes a long time for packages to ship and arrive (almost double what it takes vervante)
-Doesn't ship to some asian countries or places like India.
-Poor customer service


-Customizable packaging to have your logo and a personal note for your customer. Can also insert stuff in packaging (bonuses or promotions)
- Faster Shipping Times
- Ships everywhere
- Solid customer service. Friendly and helpful
- Higher quality packaging (sturdier cases, thermal disc printing)

- More expensive than Kunaki.

The marketing side of me says to go with Vervante because there is so much opportunity through customization to build a brand, build a relationship and promote other products to a customer.

The financial side of me says that a Kunaki DVD is $5.75 total and Vervante is $9.25 total on average which is almost DOUBLE the costs of Kunaki. This is a big difference considering my DVD will be given out as a free + shipping offer... I've been told that I should always make decisions based on the financial bottom line and I'm not convinced that a cool logo and a message on the package will = more sales and profit...

What are your experiences with this? Go with the cheapest or go with the more personal option?

Any thoughts?
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    Considering that you want to give your CD away for free, I would go with Kunaki. As far as customization goes, what do you need there? Kunaki offers a templates for CD/ DVD's . If you need personalization, order a amount of your CD's via Kunaki, send it to yourself ahead of time and then add a personal note or letter to the package and send on via postal service. So you can use the cheaper service of Kunaki and ad your personal note.
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      Originally Posted by skippybosco View Post

      @SeanyG: We are seeing fairly competitive pricing from Vervante. While they have a higher fulfillment cost, their shipping rates are typically much lower than Kunaki's (yet ship faster).

      We average ~$4.80 for a DVD + $1.20 shipping ($6) with Vervante.

      We average ~$1.80 for a DVD + $3.90 shipping ($5.70) with Kunaki.

      Where did the $9.25 come from, is that based on a quote or actual orders?

      Another option to consider is We use them for a number of our projects and have been fairly happy with them. Orders average $4.51 for DVD + $1.44 shipping (5.95)
      How do you average $4.80 for a DVD? Is that in the full case as with Kunaki or is that in a clamshell?

      I was quoted $6.15 per DVD in full color DVD case. Thats where the cost is.

      Thanks for your feedback. I'd much rather go with Vervante if the disc/case printing costs were more reasonable.
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          I was just going through Kunaki setup
          process and having a challenging time
          so I decided to look for other resources.

          This thread has been very helpful!

          Many of you keep saying how Kunaki is
          only $1.75. There is a 5% transaction fee,
          which can vary depending on the price point
          of your product.

          CD/DVD Price X 5% Transaction Fee + $1.75 = Total

          So I'm looking over the other resources shared
          here and I'm liking DVD FulFillment because I
          gotta get my product out ASAP!

          Have an Awesome Day!

          Won't Be Denied,
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      Originally Posted by skippybosco View Post


      Another option to consider is We use them for a number of our projects and have been fairly happy with them. Orders average $4.51 for DVD + $1.44 shipping (5.95)
      Thanks for telling me about I was looking for an alternative as Vervante's customer service is quite lacking.

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          I know this thread is pretty old but...

          I have gotten a few things going with vervante and they are pretty cool.
          Kunanki also has it's place for use because you can automate it.

          But the next step is a multi media package that is all "branded" (GURU style)

          Has anyone here had one of these made?

          Dvd, books, audio cd's ect. All in one box that is also printed.


          P.S I make awesome Kettle Corn.

          P.S.S like my fanpage so you can know about my next case giveaway contest. Only FANS can win!
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    Hey mate,

    I just want to put my 2 bob in here, I am currently selling a product threw kunaki and its fantastic, for me in Australia it costs $7AUD and that includes shipping, without shipping its $1.75US, you can completely customizer your cd, when you get to the design stage while using there sfotware tick custom instead of auto i upload 4 individual graphics + the inside panthlet is perfect to use for promotions the will print anything on it you just upload the pic, for example thats a product atm, make sure you click "rotate" a few times in the top left courner so you can see the inside and promotional "stuffins", Kunaki is jsut a machine they are not a company and so you treat them like a machine if you are after a company go with the others but myself i love how kunaki is just a machine and not a company its the best part.

    Best thing is they send you a FREE copy... How unreal.. really, just request it once you have uploaded your product, i love how there site is so simple not filled with crap they really whant to get out there they are not here to help you Kunaki is just a machine and i love that.

    Oh BTW:
    A jewel case product includes the CD, a jewel case, tray card, 2-panel insert, cellophane wrapping, UPC bar code, full glossy color printing on disc, inserts, and tray card.
    For a DVD and DVD case product includes DVD, DVD case, cover sheet, 1-panel insert, cellophane wrapping, UPC bar code, full color printing on disc, cover sheet, and insert.
    all for $1.75 !!!! goto love this machine ^_^ and thats what it is its a machine not a company.

    Yes for 1 item drop shipping there shipping is long but there products are always shipped within 24hrs apparently, for me in Australia it takes about 2 weeks but once i see that plastic seal im so happy , i just directly dropship to my customers now, some have complained about time but then i just login and check the tracking number and tell them how long it will be, most are understandable and when they see the professional product and realize its not just a home job they are happy.

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      Thank you for this thread!! very informative.

      Looks like doesn't either hold a candle to kunaki if I don't care about amazon and cdbaby....
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    Why don't you go with a different fulfillment house entirely? Guys like Mcmannis will set up a minimum order then drop ship to wherever you want for a lot cheaper than $10 with one and even $5 with Kunaki.
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    Kunaki can integrate with Rapid Action Profits too.
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  • I've used Vervante extensively and while they're a little bit more expensive than Kunaki, I've found that its well worth the extra few bucks in terms of customization, flexibility, customer support, etc.

    Yup, I've been pretty happy with Vervante!
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    Having used Kunaki for 3 years, the only problem on this thread that I have experienced is that I cannot include a manual or small booklet with the CD/DVD and that they do not ship to certain countries.

    They are competitive in terms of price.

    I am not quite sure what the issue is with their speed of delivery. I sell ebooks (on DVD's and CD's)on ebay and ship across the world, Canada inclusive. I can't quite recall exactly how long it takes but I have never, once in 3 years had any complaints from my clients that the shipment took too long.

    You CAN customize your CD Covers. I promote my ebay store and relevant products on my DVD sleeves. As I designed my sleeves and set them up as templates years ago, I do not recall if I get charged extra for using color designs, but even if I do, they are still competitive.

    Now customer service wise, I happen to think they are fantastic. It is stated on their website something along the lines that they do not offer customer service or very little, but everytime I have had an issue and had to contact them, by email, they have responded promptly, even on weekends and resolved my issue in my favor every single time. Even at a cost to themselves. I have to say that before I contact them, I have to go through their comprehensive FAQ list to make sure that the solution is not there. Bear in mind that they keep customer service to a minimum so as be able to give us such fantastic rates.

    I sent a DVD to a client in Germany and after two weeks, he informed me that he did not get it. I tracked it and saw that it was delivered. On informing Kunaki, the client was promptly sent another copy at no cost to me. A week later, my client emailed me telling me that the DVD was in fact delivered. Kunaki could very easily have ignored my email or informed me that the DVD was delivered. But they chose to send out another copy. That was not the only time they have carried this expense to keep me happy. So it is understandable when they decide to exclude countries where they get too many complaints from.
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    Great thread guys, I'm about to start offering fulfillment solutions to local businesses, and this feedback helps greatly!

    Keep up the reviews of pro's and con's =)

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      Great thread - I wish there were some recent updates though.

      Kunaki seems to have got cheaper, their price per disc is now $1 !

      Also I wanted to let you know about this - I discovered a great free software for automating Ebay and PayPal and OneShoppingCart orders through Kunaki - gurubotpro - GurubotPro Kunaki Automation (no Im not an affiliate or associated with them - and it really is free ! )
      Many other sites are selling software like this for up to $90 and this looks better so far to me. (I have installed without problems, but Im waiting for Kunaki setup to complete so I can test out everything).
      They have instructional videos, but its pretty intuitive compared to many scripts Ive tried to install.

      If this helps please 'like' this post ;-)
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