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I have been considering buying 7dollar secrets and I wanted to know if it is a quality product or not ? What is your opinion ? thanks
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    Yes, it works well. I use it on several sites.

    I've started using eJunkie more though since it's easier to setup quickly, especially across multiple domains.
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    The Paypal screenshots looks abit fake.
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    I was looking at this too and wonder if it's any good.
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      I certainly like the idea of the 7 dollar secrets and I still sell one of my small ebooks that way, but overall it really wasn't for me so I haven't added it to any of my other products.

      I just find it much easier to add a paypal or e-junkie button and handle things myself.

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    Basically this product teach you on how to sell digital product with 'low price' strategy to get high-conversion rate. You get small profit from each sale, but if you had 1000 sales a month.. then it makes you a fortune.
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    What I like (and affiliates love) is the instant affiliate commission payment. But if you are not a technical person, it's quite complicated to set it up. And if you sell more than one product, it's troublesome as you have to repeat the process of setting it up. But then again, 7DS is excellent for building your list.

    Same here, I prefer e-junkie as it's easy to setup.
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