Does Anyone Know of A True Competitor to Infusionsoft? (Must Be Close in Quality)

by Brad Spencer 16 replies
Hey Warriors,

I spent yesterday implementing Infusionsoft (moving contacts, etc) only to find out that to get the affiliate program, payments, and other modules you needed to upgrade from the 199 to 299 package.

Fine... I guess...

Except that it comes with a 3k price tag to "set it up"...which is total BS b/c I did all the work myself. Coaching, access to an instructor, blah blah blah...don't want to spend 3k.

So...does anyone know a good competitor to Infusionsoft that has an affiliate program, autoresponder, payment processor compatibility, and isn't so damn expensive.

Needless to say, I'm pissed that I wasted 8 hours on their stuff. Good product...shitty sales process.

Pardon my language but yea...


Brad Spencer
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