Is Green Light Articles a legit website?

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I've been writing for some time on iwriter and so far everything is good. I applied to become a writer at green light articles, and I got accepted. One thing got me suspicious in order to start spinning articles you must buy a spinning software. When I clicked in order I got a warning from WOT extension this website has a poor rating.

So, has anyone worked for green light articles? Is it a scam or a legit company?

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    There's nothing much legitimate (or indeed sensible) about "spinning" articles - this much is for sure.

    Spinning is nonsense.

    It's based only on a fundamental misunderstanding.

    It's a "solution to a problem that doesn't actually exist".

    A solution of benefit only to people selling spinning software and services.

    "Spinning" is without value. It can damage your business, but it can't help you. The whole thing is based on a fallacy, and a misunderstanding about what "duplicate content" and "syndicated content" mean and what they signify.

    (It doesn't even help for SEO: the value of a backlink doesn't depend on whether the content to which it's attached is "unique" or "previously published": it depends on many other things, but that isn't one of them, and Google says so openly.)

    These five items explain much more about it, at greater length and in greater detail.
    • this post explains the alleged "benefits" of spinning
    • the first half (or so) of this thread contains a good discussion of what you can gain from spinning articles ("not a lot")
    • the advice on this subject given by so many people throughout most of this thread has been really helpful to many people here
    • on the meaning and significance of "duplicate content", in this context, this little post from expert article marketer Anne Pottinger includes direct quotations from Google's WebMaster Central Blog on the subject (not easy to find a more authoritative source than that!)
    • this little article is also a very useful and accurate explanation of the subject.
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    Sorry that your question was not addressed OP. Yes it is a legit site, writers are paid on time. If you want to be a 'spinner' for the service, it means that you will provide 'manual spins' for clients that order spins.

    The software is for helping you to do the job efficiently. As a writer in GLA you do not need to apply to become a spinner, and take those orders, you simply can just write articles that come.

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