Some of the Best Kickstarter Campaigns

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When it comes to Kickstarters, it's a make or break for most. Some simple ideas can do great things and may only catch the attention of a few, while there are those that may look outrageous and could end up taking the world by a storm!

Here are some of the best Kickstarters that have more than a million pledgers. See what makes these projects so great and such a huge success! It could even inspire you to come up with a cool product.

Here are some of the best Kickstart Campaigns!

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    Thanks for that.
    It sure gives some inspiration. plus I like few of the products that can
    be very useful.
    So it's two for one!
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    Yeah, I like the Pebble Time Smartwatch.

    And Everyday Backpack This was a great and well described.
    they took a backpack who fit for photographers and adjust it to everyone they give great benefits that it makes me really want to buy it
    they really know how to write!
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    Can't agree more! They know how to write and present the product and give it life that you as a consumer will want it.
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    definitely. that's a great combination of awesome copy and a great product.
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    It's a good thing to study and analyze as well. In no way am I saying that this is a sure fire way to get your products on the map but hey, if they managed to get tons of people to fund their campaigns and ideas, then they're doing something right with promotion But then again, the platform provided by Kickstarter is already a big enough advantage.
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