The Ultimate Entrepreneur Podcast Collection

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Another good avenue for learning and entertainment is podcasts. It's easy to listen while doing other things, like working, driving or even just while relaxing. This makes podcast convenient. It's easy to digest and it reaches a lot of people. Podcast appeals to a wide range of people with a huge library filled with tons of different categories.

I listen to a few, my favorite though was Millenial by Megan Tan. It's about a girl about my age struggling to find her place in the world. Its overall appeal for me was that it was relatable and it felt like she was talking directly to me, like a best friend telling you a story. It was personal and I was going through the same thing. She talked about her personal experiences on how she had to pick between settling for a job that provided money or chase her dreams with no assurance that she was going to earn enough for a living. It's a story about life and I enjoyed it. The other podcasts I've listened to were more on the entertainment side, ranging from horror stories or gaming reviews.

Anyway, like I said, you can learn a lot and there are so many options to choose from. So we've put together an ultimate guide for entrepreneurs that you definitely should subscribe and listen to! They provide amazing content (*ahem* Warrior Forum podcasts) and valuable knowledge that you can use or learn from for your journey in entrepreneurship. Who do you often listen to? Are they on this list or not? Share it with the community!

Find the list here: The Ultimate Entrepreneur Podcast Collection

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