What to Name Your Business or Startup? These Tools May Help You

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The first step to branding, in general, is thinking of a name. At first, it appears as an easy task but is it really? There are tons of things to factor when naming your business and often times the one you think of is already taken. When that happens you just wasted a huge amount of that brainstorming time for nothing...

I bring you these, a list of tools to help you and save tons of time when it comes to brainstorming for the perfect name for your business and products.

I kind of suck with this, so these tools would have been a great help to me in the past. In college, we were often asked to create our own business so we'd be familiar with it and then pitching it to the professor. If we defend it well and make it viable for funding we pass. I went with a publishing company that made interactive storybooks for kids. Mind you I had to study all about royalties and all that. It was fun. Anyway, I ended up with the name Dream Cloud Publishing. Looking back on it, I would say I did a pretty bad job. Plus using Namechk the domain is taken too! I'd have to think of other variations which Namium can provide. Efficient and it saves time.

I hope these tools help. If it does and if you do use it, share your experience!
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