10 Best Analytics Tools For Growth Hacking

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Our Growth Experts kicked-off the first day of StartCon 2017 with various insights on how to maximize growth.

In relation to that, I'm now presenting the 10 Best Analytic Tools you need to hack your way into growing your business from startup to an established enterprise.

Here's the link to my article: 10 Best Analytics Tools For Growth Hacking

Let me know if I missed your favorites. Drop your comments below!

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    I use almost everything on this list. I guess there's nothing wrong with that because each tool has flaws but what I find very useful is Geckoboard I've seen many companies hanging TVs with Geckodash in their office too. Many people think also that Google is overrated there are alternatives that can be useful by startups. Thank you for this wonderful list I find this very informative. Newbies should try reading it.
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    • Profile picture of the author Nice Sabino
      Same here, I've worked with... maybe more than a couple of company that is religiously using Geckoboard.

      On people's preference for Google Analytics, maybe most choose it not just for its algorithm power but because it's already trusted by many.
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    I use Optimizely when trying something new. I get to see what works better for my idea. Some of these tools could be pricey for starters but it's worth it. It's not bad to invest on these tools, you need them every step of the way.
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    I feel kissmetrics is the best tool it provides detail analysis than google analytics. Google is more popular because people recognized it as a brand but I thought all these lists of tools are very useful than Google.
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    • Profile picture of the author Nice Sabino
      Yes, a part of me agrees that some choose Google Analytics because of the Google name, but another part of me says maybe it's because they are aware that Google knows how the algorithm really works because they are one of the big companies that have powers with the search engine's algorithm.
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  • Profile picture of the author Puneet Parmar
    I always use Google Analytics nothing else. I don't know much about others analytics tools.
    your article is very informative. Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author Orhan Bayram
    Thanks, quite a comprehensive list. I believe open source will drive innovation and momentum in data analytics space, and will be more and more embraced by enterprises as fear, uncertainty and doubt has been something in the past. Even Microsoft has been investing on open source after several years of "fighting" - especially with Linux.

    What I would add to this list is Countly, a web and mobile analytics platform with error reporting and push notifications. It has a very beautiful interface, works with many devices and SDKs and downloadable from Github: http://github.com/countly/countly-server . We love open source too, and providing our product to the masses by contributing back.
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    • Profile picture of the author Nice Sabino
      Yes, the abundance of open source is a treasure. There are people who learn faster if they can see what's happening on the inside, so seeing the actual source code can help them envision how they can turn their idea into something useful.

      Thank you for sharing Countly. What do you think its advantage compared to the other analytics tool? What makes it stand out?
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  • Profile picture of the author joel huang
    wonderful tools. These tools are really very helpful. I also used some of the tools and they are very beneficial. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.
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  • Profile picture of the author Inot
    I used Competera's software to monitor prices of my competitors. Of course, there are many other interesting features in it, but for me, it was enough
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