Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2018

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2017 is coming to a close and a new year will begin and offer tons of new possibilities. There could be a huge changes in the marketing world and maybe new processes that everyone’s bound to comply with or work with. Here are some trends that you should look out for as 2018 comes rolling in. Mind you, these aren’t exactly new, but, they made quite an impact this year that it’s worth utilizing and starting your 2018 with it. There’s so much room for progress and changes and it’s best to look into these ten trends!

Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2018

What do you think about these trends that's possibly going to improve or change things in 2018? Do you think these are feasible things to spend time on and actually follow? What do you think are the other things that can be considered "trends"? Do you already implement this in your strategies and have invested in this to be ready for next amazing year?
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    Useful article..thanks for sharing the post..
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    Thanks for sharing. I think voice searching and marketing will be an exciting new field. It will offer more than repeating radio commercials because personalized marketing goes much further. And that goes hand in hand with web site accessibility overall. We'll have to make our sites more accessible to all types of users.
    (Opportunity: if you have experience designing content or material to be more accessible, there will likely be businesses who need your expertise.)
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      I agree! Voice Search did pique my interest and it did make me realize that that is another thing that can be utilized by marketers. I wonder how marketers will go about getting Siri or Alexa to get their stuff suggested and it's a new field and has tons of possibilities.

      That aside, voice search can also cater to those with a disability.

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    Over the last few years, new trends have emerged that have had an enormous influence on how marketing organizations collaborate, communicate, innovate and evolve. As digital marketers, we live in a fast-paced world where the rules and strategies change on a daily basis. So its really very useful article. Thank You for sharing these New Marketing Trends.
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    Hey, I just read your article and its great! Keep sharing more of these!!
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    very useful article. Thanks a lot
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    Great article, Isabella!

    I'm investing the time in learning how to produce video marketing. Make Youtube SEO work for our project is the current challenge.

    In addition, working deeply on the customer journey mapping. From our audience I've found the touching points such as "forum", "blog", Google and our landing page.


    Tony, co - founder of PageFly - Shopify Landing page builder app.

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      Sounds like a great journey up ahead for 2018. Don't leave out Facebook video too. I think at the moment that holds a lot of impact as well. But yeah, it depends on target market still.

      That's a good direction to take, I hope everything goes well for you and your business this 2018.

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    New ideas and creativity are always going to be appreciated. It is really important to know what methods are going to work and what should you invest your time in.
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    leading for me is - social media to date has tended to be part of the social media department or marketing.
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    Great insights with these trend predictions. I mostly agree, particularly with #4, "Automation and Predictive Algorithm" and #8, "Voice Marketing". I'll also add this link to the GetResponse 2018 Email Marketing Trends.
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    Very good insights. Thanks for sharing.
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  • Very informative and immersive read!
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