Copywriters: How to Provide Value Beyond Writing Landing Pages and Blog Posts

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Copywriters are underrated. We are the silent warriors of digital marketing - the unsung heroes of SEO. We churn out blog posts at a moment's notice, write glistening sales copy, and then disappear silently into the night.

For many of us, we like it that way - the notoriously introverted worker bees that help websites go from blah to brilliant in just a few words. But other copywriters - well, we want to do more. Be more. Kick butt and take names, so to speak.

That's why many copywriters - particularly those in the SEO arena - are taking our content to the next level. By moving beyond traditional copywriting, we provide even more value to businesses who want the online presence and visibility they deserve. In other words, we know that there's more to life than boring copy.

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