Top 5 Affiliate Recruitment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Launching without affiliates can be so disappointing.

I'll never forget what it was like starting out launching my own products and trying to get affiliates onboard. Everyone else had such an easy time of it, it seemed. My friends and people I saw on the forum had others promoting without any problems - dozens of top affiliates clamoring to get their link.

But I launched alone.

I found myself getting tripped up by a lack of self confidence in approaching people but I'm actually glad I didn't approach them back then - because what I know now means I would have screwed things up even if I contacted them.

It wasn't until I became a formidable affiliate that I learned what mistakes I was making as a vendor.

If you're a launch newbie, I can pretty much guarantee that you're either making these mistakes or you're going to. It makes the launch process so painful because you put time and energy (and sometimes money) into it and it flops - needlessly.

But if you know how to avoid these mistakes, you might have a big success looming.

It's always best to learn from the mistakes others have made so you don't have to go through them.

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