5 Strategies Using Google Trends to Instantly Improve your SEO

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Unfortunately, most SEOs don't use Google Trends to their advantage and it's hurting their marketing efforts.

Here's the thing...

Google trends allow you to be more strategic when planning your SEO tactics.

It shows you exactly how customers think and their desires. Knowing their desires means you're able to tap in and deliver the products and services they want and at the right time.

In this post, I'm going to share 5 different strategies you can use right now in Google Trends to up your SEO game.

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    Cool strategies @Jonathan.

    People can also use Google Correlate to understand what people want to read and then finding out the topics to write about. Google Correlate is reverse of Google Trends. One should use both to get create perfect content marketing strategy.
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    Cool and long content for learning seo service ! thanks dude for sharing this.
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    Thanks a lot, Jonathan. Before now, i didn't know anything about Google trends.
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  • Thank for your post
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    Yes. I have always appreciated Google Trends. It not only helps you improve SEO, but also facilitates you to find latest and happening niche for your blog. Besides that, one should use the tool, Buzzsumo, which is a great SEO tool to find happening content writing topics to boost your online ranking.
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    Very informative. Thank you so much for sharing this info. Please keep sharing! I don't know anything about Google trends. From now onwards I will use these <a title="SEO Strategies" href="https://optcdigi.com">SEO Strategies</a>
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  • Thanks alot. I actually have little knowledge on SEO through learning on Google digital Marketing.
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    A good subject, I have a field on food field, since 2016, I have target the francophone area much more, despite I do enforce the body of the article by putting its title and body and a conclusion, but still I just find 2 visitors at most a day, I can not find where is the problem?
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